Morgan Baker says goodbye to Neighbours

Everyone's favourite Ramsay Street youngster Callum Rebecchi is all grown up and off to the US. But what's next for Morgan Baker? We sat down with Morgan one last time!

Now that your time at Neighbours is coming to a close, what’s next for Morgan Baker? Well, it’s funny you ask that because I don’t have anything lined up besides school. I’m [now] going there uninterrupted in comparison to having a full time job and going to a full time school, which has been very stressful.

Who have been your favourite people to work with during your time at Neighbours?Definitely Ryan Moloney. Right from day one he has been an absolute pleasure to work with, great mentor figure and he has given me so much guidance which has been great. Eve Morey has been amazing to work with too, I have absolutely loved working her. I loved working with Kaiya Jones and Colette Mann, although I never get enough scenes with her And of course Calen Mackenzie, that little rugrat. I love working with him.

Do you think you’ll still keep in contact? Absolutely. I still keep in contact with Coco Cherian (Rani Kapoor) and Kaiya Jones (Sophie Ramsay)

What’s something that you think you will miss the most about being on Neighbours? The people. I’m going to miss the people and the whole family environment that comes with the work, the professionalism and the jokes in the green room.

Can you see yourself ever coming back? I never say never to returning, but it just depends on my situation once I finish school and where I’m at and what I feel like doing. I want to continue acting I just want to put it onto the backburner for a little bit. It also would depend on if they wanted me!

What led to your decision to leave?I’ve always wanted to finish school as it's very important to me. But each year it’s become progressively more difficult to do it. As my work load has increased and my school load has increased it has become harder and harder where it just got to the point around the second half of last year where I was like, this is getting really difficult.

If you could be anything in the universe what would you be? Anything in the universe? I would like to be everything and anything and nothing. Nah I’m happy being me.

Who’s luckier in love, Morgan or Callum? Callum and Callum’s pretty hopeless. That says something about me doesn’t it?

Who do you think is a better actor, you or Scarlett (Nell Rebecchi)?Scarlett by far! When she giggles she lights up the scene. When I giggle everyone is like, “dude you just ruined the take” and I’m just like “sorry guys”. When she stuffs up a line it’s not really stuffing up a line, it’s all ad-lib and it works.

Will you continue to watch Neighbours? Of course! 6:30 weeknights on Eleven.

Morgan Baker and Eve morey