More returning characters revealed for Neighbours VS Zombies

Actors Ben Nicholas, Kevin Harrington, Taylor Glockner and Aaron Jakubenko recently returned to the Neighbours studios to film special guest appearances in Neighbours VS Zombies.

The five part webseries, which releases at starting Monday 27th October, sees characters Stingray Timmins, David Bishop and Robbo Slade return to visit their former Neighbours in Erinsborough. Taylor's character Mason Turner will be teaming up with Hope Gottlieb (played by Louna Maroun) to try and stop the invasion.

'Neighbours VS Zombies' is funded by Screen Australia's Skip Ahead Scheme, and is produced by Ric Forster and Alicia Hamilton.

Amber Zombie
Susan and Karl Zombie
Stingray and Drew
Robbo Zombie
Hope and Mason