More Neighbours icons return for 30th Anniversary

Neighbours fans are in for a nostalgic feast with more of the show’s colourful characters from the past returning for the show’s 30th Anniversary in March.

Joining Delta Goodrem (Nina Tucker), Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) and Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop) will be:

Paul Keane who who played Des Clarke from 1985-1990

Gary Files who played Tom Ramsay in 1986 and returned as a regular cast member from 1990-1991.

Andrew Williams who played Guy Carpenter from 1991-1992

Melissa Bell who played Lucy Robinson in a regular role from 1991-1993 and then guest appearances from 1995-2014

Anne Scott-Pendlebury who played Hilary Robinson from 1997-1990

Stephanie McIntosh who played Sky Mangle from 2003-2007

Nell Feeney who played Janelle Timmins from 2004-2007

Scott Major who played Lucas Fitzgerald from 2008-2013

Alin Sumarwata who played Vanessa Villante from 2012-2013

According to the show’s Series Producer Jason Herbison, the 30th Anniversary episodes will feature an array of story arches laced with a hefty dose of drama, action, humour, romance and of course heartbreak.

“You name it, we have every spectrum of emotion covered for the 30th with a lot of twists and turns with the stories, and many surprises,” said Herbison.

Since Neighbours was first broadcast in 1985, the show has become a global phenomenon and is currently being viewed in markets as diverse as Barbados, Norway, Iceland and Belgium, as well as the UK and more recently in the USA.