Meyne Wyatt chats about playing Nate Kinski

We sat down with Meyne for an insight into acting and his time on Neighbours so far.

Did you always want to have a career in television?

It just happened; television has just come into my life at this particular moment in time. I’ve always wanted to be where the work is whether it’s film, television or theatre.

Who are your main influences as an actor?

In terms of favourite actors they’ve changed over time Jim Carey was my favourite actor as a child. These days I enjoy watching Daniel Day-Lewis and people in that calibre. They haven’t particularly influenced my acting style but they’re definitely actors that I’ve enjoyed watching over the years.

What's your favourite thing about Nate as a character?

It would have to be the complexity of his character. Nate’s got his army background and has suffered from post traumatic stress however over the time he’s been able to push through this and show his lighter, comedic side.

Did you have to do much research before taking on the character of Nate?

In terms of the army, Afghanistan and post traumatic stress yes I definitely did. If you’re going to take on a role like Nate’s you have to take it seriously and make sure you’re representing it in a way that’s respectful to people who have been in the army. I did a play called ‘Black Diggers’ before I came to Neighbours that talked about Indigenous men in the First World War. We had to talk to people who’d gone to war like our cast member George Foster who’d been to Vietnam. Through meeting people like George we heard a lot different stories and got a real insight into the effects of war.

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How did Nate's time in the army affect him?

It’s shut down his emotions a bit which has made him aggressive when in situations that remind him of war. Through time and Susan’s guidance he’s been able to show more of himself and not be as closed off.

Nate has a very close relationship with Susan; would Nate be different now if not for her help?

Yes I think he’d still be a guy who flies off the handle, Susan’s encouragement to go to therapy has allowed him to express himself more without being aggressive. This has really helped him develop relationships in Erinsborough.

Do you think Nate's relationship with Tyler is strained since he helped him pay his debt?

I think he would’ve noted something about Tyler’s character but their relationship has been a very forgiving one. They were the guys that were kind of ‘on the outer’ in Erinsborough so they’re always going to be cool with each other in the end.

How do your remote control car skills stack up next to Nate's?

I’m shocking! I didn’t grow up with a remote control car so it’s not something I’m schooled in.

How would you like to see Nate's character evolve in the future?

I’d like to see his clownish, comedic side a bit more. He’s been quite a serious character so it’d be nice to see his lighter side to evolve.