Mavournee Hazel on TYPER

Mavournee Hazel discusses Piper's relationship with Tyler

How has Piper and Tyler’s relationship evolved from the first time they met until now?

The first time they met they weren’t even friends – Tyler saw her as a little kid. Through what happened with Josh and Doug, Tyler really supported Piper and saw a side of her he hadn’t seen before; as a mature young woman. As they got closer they realised how similar they are and their relationship went from platonic to romantic.

Do you think Piper cares that Tyler has been with each one of her sisters?

She does joke about it a little however, she doesn’t mind so much because she’s kind of won.

Do you think Tyler and Piper are destined to be together or is it young love?

They are destined to be together. There’s such great chemistry between them and they click on an unspoken level. That’s a great foundation for real love and not just a crush.

#Typer is really popular with the Neighbours online audience. What is it about your two characters that draws people in?

I honestly do not know! When we first started everyone thought it was creepy, Piper was 16 at the time and Tyler was a lot older. I think it’s just the chemistry that people seem to respond to and love. I love that the audience love it. It makes our job so much easier. When we get scenes together we really put a lot of effort into making it great for the audience.

What was it like filming your Pipe Up vlogs with Travis Burns? Will there be more of these to come?

They were really fun. We got to travel the city with a small crew and improvise quite a bit which was really different and spontaneous. There will be Pipe Up vlogs featuring Tyler so keep an eye out!

What’s next for Tyler and Piper?

They take the next official step in the relationship very quickly and their situation becomes very serious. There’s a lot to look forward to.