Mavournee Hazel on the Backpackers Disaster

Mavournee Hazel discusses her biggest stunt yet on the set of Neighbours ahead of next week's Backpackers crash

You’ve just been run over by a ute, how do you feel?

Pretty bad. For starters, Pipers trapped under rubble, which is how Josh died. It hits close to home and has her wondering ‘is this how Josh felt when he died'? Pipers also severely injured so she is left in a lot of pain.

What’s the best stunt you have been involved in since joining the show?

Definitely this one. We get the scripts so far in advance so I had weeks of build up knowing I had to do this stunt. When you watch the scene it only looks like a few seconds but the prep that went into the stunt took a few days with multiple stuntmen. Because the desk is tall and I’m short, I kept having to jump up really high so that the camera could actually see me diving.


Is Tyler the type of guy to stick by Piper through the tough times?

Absolutely! One of the first conversations we have in the hospital is Tyler being so willing to help me do things like go to the bathroom and help me walk around. Through thick and thin Tyler is 100% there for Piper.

What’s the biggest accident Mavournee has ever been involved in?

I’ve been very lucky in my life, I’ve never even broken a bone. I have had a minor car accident though where I was driving on my learner's license!

You attended your first Logies last week. Did you enjoy it?

I was so nervous for it in the weeks leading up but I loved it. Lots of the Neighbours cast were there and as soon as we got together on the red carpet it was like being on set again. Getting to meet so many Neighbours fans was amazing! It was so lovely to be in the room when Samuel Johnson gave his speech. Five years ago I did an acting course with him in Adelaide so seeing him accepting the Gold Logie was such a surreal moment.

What’s coming up for Piper on the show?

Because of the accident Piper moves back home with her mum so there are a lot more mother/daughter scenes with Terese coming up. You'll also see Piper and Tyler  in a new phase of their relationship that is a lot more mature.