Matt Wilson on David's surprise kiss

We spoke with Matt Wilson following the surprise kiss between Aaron and David in last night’s episode

What prompted David to kiss Aaron?

David has only just come out and like friends of mine who have come recently, you want to explore every option you can. There’s finally this sensation where he feels completely honest with the world and is acting on impulse. He felt that Aaron would reciprocate, but David was thinking out of his heart not his head.

What was Aaron’s reaction?

He was shocked and didn’t know how to handle it right away. David hasn’t really come out yet, it’s always been insinuated but he hasn’t said anything to his family or friends and it is still only between Aaron and him. Aaron has feelings for David but he knows that he is still coming to terms with his sexuality and needs to explore. He wants David to go out and have his fun but in his mind hopes that he will come back to him.

David Aaron

Would you like to see Aaron and David get together?

Yes! They would make a great couple because they are complete opposites and opposites attract. It would be great to see them get together from an acting point of view because there are so many different storylines it could travel down. It will be interesting to see what the writers come up with.

Could we have the first same-sex wedding in Neighbours on the cards?

I hope so! I really really hope so. The writers keep everything a secret from us so I never get an answer, but that would make a great storyline.

What’s coming up for the pair?

David and Aaron go on an emotional rollercoaster. One moment they get along like a house on fire with the chemistry boiling and then all of a sudden they crash because there’s a miscommunication. There’s a big rollercoaster ride coming up!