Matt Werkmeister and Kaiya Jones to return to Neighbours

Two of the Kennedy and Ramsay families most loved offspring return to Neighbours for a special celebration episode.

Matt Werkmeister, who starred as the geeky Zeke Kinski from 2005 to 2011, and Kaiya Jones as the feisty Sophie Ramsay, a regular from 2008, received a hearty welcome from the cast, many of whom they have known since they were youngsters on the set.

For Zeke’s on-screen step mother and father, Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher, it was a wonderful start to their 20th year on the show to have Matt join them on-set again.

"It seems like yesterday that Matt walked on set as a young boy still at primary school, and suddenly now he's a grown man! We have shared a lot of fun storylines as well as a few tragic ones, the full gamut,” said Jackie Woodburne.

For Kaiya Jones, it was a chance to catch up with her on-screen sister Kate Ramsay played by Ashleigh Brewer before she wrapped up filming on the series.

Matt and Kaiya’s guest episodes air from April.