Madeleine West on that bombshell

Dee's gone! Who's Andrea? Madeleine West sheds some light on the latest Neighbours twist.

What was it like meeting the actress who plays your 13 year old daughter?

Jolting at first because she very much resembles my own eldest child, which is lovely. But she’s a really sweet girl, and the transitions between Andrea and Dee are really facilitated by her presence - she’s the one person in the entire storyline who knows the true Andrea.

So you aren’t really Dee? Who are you?

I’m Andrea, a disaffected woman approaching middle age - some might say verging on sociopathic, I prefer to think that she is just misunderstood. She’s had a hard life, and at the end of the day she does have one good quality, and that’s her love for her daughter whom she would do anything for, even if it’s slightly illegal.

How did you and Sindi concoct this plan?

We met in a small mining town in Western Australia where both of us were working in a kitchen. She’s seen the dark side of life, and she want’s to make sure her daughter doesn’t travel the same path.

Will Andrea go through with her plan?

You will just have to wait and see. But, sometimes when the wheels are set in motion, it can be hard to get enough traction to get them to stop.

Could Andrea fall in love with Toadie?

Of course! Why not? At the end of the day he represents everything that we all want - stability, happiness, a great sense of humor and a wealth of love.

You’ve already achieved so much. What’s next for you Madeline?

Madeline for PM? Um, my second book is in the works and I’ll be returning to Neighbours to fulfill my very first directing and writing attachment this year. And aside from that, my big picture is to make pictures – that’s where I want to head. Apart from that, just dragging up six exceptional individuals, the catastrophe of children that I am lucky enough to call my own.