Lyn Scully returns to Ramsay St

One of Neighbours most colourful characters Lyn Scully, played by acclaimed Australian actress Janet Andrewartha, returns to Ramsay Street next month (February 1).

The matriarch of the Scully dynasty who has been at the forefront of the series’ most memorial story lines including marrying Paul Robinson and divorcing on their honeymoon, and the infamous cat fight with Rebecca Napier on her wedding day, is set to shake up television’s most famous address when she arrives to help her daughter Steph reconnect with her son Charlie played by newcomer Xander McGuire.

Janet, who launched her television career in the iconic Prisoner series, joined the Neighbours core cast in 1999 to 2006 and has continued to return for guest appearances since 2008.

A close personal friend of Jackie Woodburne who plays Susan Kennedy, their on-screen relationship was tested in 2010 when Lyn lied to Susan about the real father of Steph’s second son Adam.


“Thank goodness my friendship with Jackie is less chaotic than that of Lyn and Susan. It’s always lovely catching up with older cast as we have shared so many story lines,” said Janet. “However, it is also lovely to work with the new cast as well including my new grandson and of course reconnecting with my daughter Carla (Bonner),”

While Lyn’s motivation for returning may seem quite simple, that’s never the case with the Neighbours’ icon.

“Janet brings enormous energy to the character of Lyn Scully, she’s a Ramsay Street legend and we love having her back,” said Neighbours’ Series Producer, Jason Herbison.