Lucy Robinson's Memorable Moments

With Lucy Robinson’s return to Ramsay Street it seems the perfect time to reminisce over some of her notable events and moments.

Lucy falls down a drain

Long standing fans of Neighbours will remember the time a young Lucy Robinson attempted to rescue a vulnerable kitten. Unfortunately this rescue didn’t go as planned, leaving Lucy stranded in a storm drain. Luckily Lucy was found by clever pooch Basil and brother Scott...but not without some temporary blindness afterwards.

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Basil drowns

Losing a family pet is easily one the most heartbreaking incidents faced in a lifetime, but even more devastating when a child witnesses the death. We all felt for Lucy when beloved Basil didn’t resurface at the beach…and did she seriously receive a new dog the same afternoon? Don’t worry we still remember you Basil!

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Incest…with half-brother Glen

What’s more scandalous than an incest storyline? When Glen arrives in Ramsay Street and strikes up a relationship with Lucy there’s an undeniable connection; unfortunately they’re both unaware they’re related…awkward.

Lucy is diagnosed with a brain tumour

Most fans will remember Paul Robinson’s battle with a brain tumour, but it seems they run in the family with Lucy suffering one in her younger years. Luckily her tumour was successfully removed and life continued as normal, without amnesia or imaginary friends.

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Lucy’s exotic dancing

After being absent from Ramsay Street for some time, Lucy’s made her most shocking return yet; caught out at dancing at a local strip bar by former Ramsay Street friend and occasional love interest Mark Gottlieb. It was only through some wise encouragement from Mark that Lucy ditched the go-go dancing and reconnected with her family... unfortunately she also attempted to reconnect with an unwilling Mark. Rejection from a past love interest is dagger to anyone’s heart!

Lucy Robinson Feature

Lucy’s controversial older man

Many Erinsborough residents have found love within the arms of an older significant other, and Lucy wasn’t immune to this pattern, falling under the charm of a successful senior figure. Her marriage to manager David Kazallan caused significant discontent amongst the Robinson clan.

Lucy’s 20th Anniversary return

After receiving a call from Annalise Hartman regarding a screening of her Ramsay Street documentary, it was a fitting return for Lucy Robinson, who'd been absent from Erinsborough for ten years. Lucy notices many differing aspects of her home town, but one of main reasons for her arrival was to assist her recently hospital bound brother, Paul Robinson. Paul had recently got into some shady dealings surrounding Lassiter's, not surprisingly, and was injured after falling off a cliff. With the some sisterly encouragement Paul was able to regain some confidence and continue his reign of Lassiter's, much welcomed by those who love his scheming ways.


What are your favourite Lucy Robinson moments?