Lilly Van der Meer on Fifi Box

Lilly Van der Meer on working with Fifi Box

We got a deep insight into Xanthe’s upbringing when Brooke came to Erinsborough. How did Xanthe’s view of her mother change during this time?

There’s a lot of uncertainty for Xanthe regarding her mother’s motives for coming to Erinsborough. She goes from trusting her to becoming very skeptical of her.

Do you think Xanthe has inherited any of her mother’s traits?

Yes! I think the appearance aspect, for sure. Xanthe loves having her hair done, doing her nails and even buys a tanning bed at one point in the show. Xanthe is also a lot like her mum in the sense that she’s not afraid to say what she’s thinking, there are lots of sassy comments coming from the both of them.

Brooke’s appearance caused tension between Ben and Xanthe, do you think this is something that will be resolved soon?

I think it’s something Xanthe really has to consider. She wants to believe everything her mum says and ends up caught between two people she really cares about. I think she will always have that conflict in her mind even if she does resolve things with Ben.

What was it like filming with Fifi Box?

Fifi is amazing! We had a strong connection off-screen which made it so much easier to create a mother-daughter relationship on-screen. She was really keen to learn and really pushed herself. She was great to work with.

Do you think Xanthe’s mum will make an appearance in the future?

I’d love to see her come back and shake things up in Erinsborough. It would be good to see Xanthe and Brooke’s relationship strengthen so hopefully she will be back!