Law Breaking Neighbours

We always knew breaking the law was bad, even before Matt Turner’s infamous frowns. But Erinsborough residents certainly have a habit for crossing the thin blue line

Rebecca Robinson attempted murder

When it came to the attempted murder of Paul Robinson back in 2010 there were countless suspects, which isn’t surprising given the love-to-hate status of Erinsborough’s richest resident. Declan Napier planned to take over Lassiter’s, Andrew had recently fought with Paul and Rebecca had found out several of Paul’s indiscretions. Little did viewers know that Rebecca Robinson was the culprit, pushed emotionally over edge – which she did literally, to Paul.

Justice served? After Paul found out about the truth he decided he’d rather blackmail Rebecca to continue the marriage... sadly Paul’s idea of romance was misguided and it wasn’t long before Rebecca was secretly pining for hunky-surf-principal Michael Williams.

Tricking Paul into signing an affidavit, Rebecca made a scot-free getaway, much to Detective Mark Brennan’s annoyance.

Paul and Rebecca


Darcy Tyler’s robbery

When you here about a casual poker game you should always be suspicious, and in the case of Darcy Tyler, he really did play one too many games. And lost. Racking up a huge debt, Darcy’s next course of action was to embark on a life of thievery. First he stole a significant amount of money from Lou’s Place, before deciding doting aunt Susan was a good target for further valuables (Susan and Karl had recently come into inheritance of some expensive jewellery).

Justice served? Eventually Dee Bliss found the stolen ring, told the police and Darcy was sent to jail for 18 months. Surely he’s due for a visit by now?

Steph Scully drink driving and manslaughter

A devastating rift between besties Libby and Steph lead to the Scully biker taking a fateful ride, where she knocked down Ringo. Poor Donna!

Justice served? Ringo died, and it’s later found that Steph was driving under the influence of alcohol. Sadly Steph was unable to escape a prison sentence, paying deeply for her tragic mistake.

Steph Scully

Paul Robinson murder

We all know Paul Robinson’s personal failings – he’s a money grabbing tyrant with a wandering eye and skewed sense of morality – but surely he’d draw the line at murder? Nope – he totally did that. What would Helen Daniels think of it all?

Paul’s shock return in 2004 just so happened to co-incide with a massive fire that burnt down Lassiter’s complex – killing Izzy’s ex Gus Cleary. As it turns out, the leather-gloved culprit was none other than Paul, making him guilty of manslaughter.

Justice served? Despite confessing to the crime post brain-tumour, Paul was never prosecuted due to a lack of evidence. That’s not to say he got away with it though, as eight years later Gus’ brother Victor shot dead Paul’s niece Kate as revenge.

Josh Willis assaults Chris

Alcohol and Ramsay Street just doesn’t mix – you’re either an addict, allergic or facing the repercussions from someone else’s abuse. Chris Pappas got a face full of fist this week, courtesy of a drowning-his-sorrows Josh Willis.

Justice served? Josh is yet to see the full ramifications of his crime, but having made a full confession… there’s no way he’s getting away with this one…