Kip Gamblin on the rocky relationship of Brad and Terese

We talk to Kip about the current state of the Brad and Terese relationship...

Brad and Terese are currently in a good place right now. Do you think it will be smooth sailing from this point on?

I think no marriage is smooth sailing; every marriage takes work, and I think on Brad’s side he needs to respect Terese. She needed her space, but now she’s decided to come home, and he really wants to make the best go of that, and honour his marriage. Brad’s stepped up in a sense, been a man about it, and forgiven her on certain levels.

After Ezra attacked Terese, Brad and Terese got back together quite quickly, do you think they reunited under the wrong circumstances?

No, I mean they’ve got a lot of history, they’ve got children, and I think to walk out on a marriage due to some speed bumps would be very sad. When you’ve been married to someone that long, you’ve got to honour the separation, if there is one, and not just the time together. In a sense their marriage is bigger than them and they have to think about that too.

In the same position as Brad, would you continue fighting to fix the relationship between Brad and Terese?

Absolutely keep fighting. As I mentioned, you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. To be married that long you’ve got to give it a chance to heal. I’ve been married to my wife for ten years, and we’ve been together for fifteen. Like any marriage there’s been ups and downs, but then literally a few weeks later you’re in a good place and it’s the best it’s ever been. You push on through those times, sort things out, and then you go ‘wow, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else’.

What do you think is the biggest reason for the rough patch between Brad and Terese?

Well there’s what happened in Adelaide with Lauren, and of course a lot of things going on within the family. We’ve had Josh in trouble with the law, Paige coming back into Brad’s life, all these sort of things, and then we kind of hit the skids relationship wise. It’s sort of been a recipe for the perfect storm, all these things happening one after another, so really it’s a mixture of things that have caused the rough patch.

It’s been highlighted that Brad and Terese are from different worlds; do you think this factor ruins relationships in real life?

No not necessarily, in some aspects it really works when people are different, because you can compliment each other, in a sort of opposite way. You’re right; Brad and Terese are very different people. Terese is quite busy person, and likes to take control, whereas Brad sort of takes a back seat.

In some respects they make a really good couple, but then of course with their differences can cause complication, especially when they don’t see things from the same perspective. My wife and I are very different, but we seem to work pretty well, you wouldn’t want to be with someone who’s exactly like you.

Do you believe the saying that opposites attract, but don’t last?

I believe in the saying that opposites attract, they can last, and also they don’t.  I wouldn’t close myself off to the idea that opposites don’t work, because sometimes they do, but other times they don’t. I’d say it’s about fifty-fifty on the outcome.