Karl and Susan Memorable Moments Twenty to Sixteen

In a very special episode this Friday, Karl and Susan Kennedy will celebrate 20 years living in Ramsay Street.

The Kennedy family arrive - episode 2251

Way back in 1994 we saw the arrival of the entire Kennedy clan-Karl,Susan,Malcom, Libby and Billy-who'd moved to Erinsborough from the country. Libby quickly caught the eye of loveable geek Brett Stark, who offered to help the Kennedys moving their piano. Unfortunately, in a bid to impress, Brett managed to smash a hole in the wall.

Karl- a little more stuffy in his early years - looked foward to a bit of quiet anonymity in his new hometown - "I'm sick to death of everybody knowing everybody else's business". We're not sure he moved to the right place.

Kennedy Arrival

Karl admits he slept with Sarah Beaumont - episode 6584

With the return of Sarah Beaumont old memories flooded back to haunt the Kennedys. Karl - now separated from Susan - felt the need to admit a past sin. Long time viewers had suspected all along it was more than just a kiss. Karl and Sarah did indeed take things to the next level.

Karl and Sarah

Karl and Susan reunite - episode 6589

Staring down the barrel of a second divorce from Karl, Susan had a last minute change of heart. She loved him, and still wanted to be with him. Local cop Matt Turner took a break from law enforcement to prevent an even bigger crime taking place - the separation of Ramsay Street's longest running couple.

Karl and Susan

Susan reveals she euthanised her mother - episode 2528

During a trip to Africa with Brett, Susan broke down and revealed to him that she'd euthanised her mother. Never before telling a soul, Brett began to see his teacher in a whole new light and Susan felt a weight was lifted.

Susan and Brett

Karl performs an emergency tracheotomy on Mal - episode 2271

When a wooden plank falls on top of Mal at Lou's Place, Karl is forced to jump into hero mode and perform an emergency tracheotomy using a drinking straw! Not only did the incident see Karl put faith in his medical skills again, but also earned him the forgiveness of Darren Stark - who held a grudge following the death of mother Cheryl.

Karl and Mal