Karl and Susan Memorable Moments Ten to One

Here are the last of our Karl and Susan Memorable Moments!

Susan shoots down Tom Scully’s hopes - episode 5189

Whilst Dr. Karl is away, Susan will play. Or so Tom Scully hopes, when he makes a surprise return to Erinsborough. We love Tom’s surprise as Susan explains she’s been married, widowed and married again to Karl since he left town. Her love life had certainly been eventful over the last couple of years…

Tom Scully Returns

Susan runs over Bridget parker – episode 5311

We never thought Susan would ever be in trouble with the law – save for the whole euthanasia thing - however tired eyes while driving ended with Bridget Parker as the casualty. This one’s memorable for kicking off a story that’s yet to conclude – Susan’s ongoing battle with MS. Bridget would later be involved in another, more deadly car accident involving a horse.

susan hit bridget

Susan and Karl’s second wedding – episode 4155

After months of trying to rekindle his relationship with amnesia stricken Susan, Karl finally succeeded in getting Susan down the aisle – with daughter Libby giving Susan away. A sweet moment, but their happiness wouldn’t last long…



Karl tells Susan he doesn’t love her any more - episode 4412

After getting closer to vixen Izzy Hoyland, was it any wonder that Karl began to feel like he needed space and freedom from Susan? We were still shocked – though perhaps not as shocked as Susan - when Karl broke the news “I just don’t love you any more”.

Susan and Alex marry - episode 4872

In many ways he was the perfect match for Susan – intellectual, kind and sole parent to a pair of kids for her to worry about. Convenient. But Alex Kinski and Susan Smith were never going to last long as he was suffering from a terminal illness.

Following a near death experience for both of them in the 2005 plane crash, Susan and Alex decided to get married. Only the wedding happened on his deathbed, and as Susan Smith gained yet another surname, Alex drew his last breath. Hold back those tears! We still feel bad for Rachel and Zeke.

Karl is jilted at the altar – episode 4629

It was never going to be a happy ending for Izzy and Karl, because well, they aren’t Karl and Susan. They got all the way to the aisle… before Izzy did a runner. After a near miss car crash, Susan warns Izzy to do Karl the favour of a lifetime and never come back. Did Izzy follow Susan’s advice?


Susan rubs Izzy’s face in the truth – Karl still wants her - episode 4676

Of course not. And thankfully so, because we enjoyed more of her showdowns with Susan. This one in particular showed us exactly how Susan could deliver a perfectly calm smack down. After Karl spent the night on Susan’s sofa, Susan relished telling a hysterical Izzy how he went to her bedroom door in the middle of the night. If it wasn’t already clear Izzy and Karl were doomed, this episode just about sealed it…

Susan and Karl marry in London – episode 5179

Any girl would feel lucky to get married on water with a beautiful London backdrop, and probably even better if it was the first time, however kudos to Karl on delivering a perfectly romantic wedding for true love Susan. It’s a shame Izzy was there to go into labour, mid-ceremony. With Karl’s baby.


Karl kisses Sarah – episode 2995

Once a year, around Christmas time, bad things seem to happen in Erinsborough – be it flash floods, fires or shootings. Back in 1997, as Ben Atkins was being thrown into the air in a racing car accident – pulses were racing for both the Kennedy blokes too. Billy was finally giving in to Caitlyn Atkins as Karl did the same with Sarah. The attraction between Karl and receptionist Sarah had been bubbling under the surface for a while, and after a run of bad luck with boyfriends, Sarah looked to the one man she could count on. Doctor Kennedy became Doctor Dirty and from that moment on nothing has ever been the same…

Controversial Kisses

Susan learns that Izzy is having Karl’s child - episode 4502

Okay, okay – it’s another Izzy related story, but 2004 was a rollercoaster year for the Kennedys. It’s one of our favourite Neighbours moments of all time; Karl breaks the news to Susan that he’s having a baby with Izzy. Almost collapsing with shock, Susan pulls herself together before exploding with anger. The whole street came to a standstill watching Susan’s tirade – she would never, ever forgive Karl for what he’s done to her and her family. Susan at her most chilling, this scene had Karl recoiled in shock – hell hath no fury like a Susan scorned.


So that's our top 20 - what are yours? Karl worrying for Susan's life post plane crash? Susan telling Katya in no uncertain terms Rachel and Zeke will be living with her? Or the countless times the infamous blue box caused mortal embarrassment?

Back in 2004, reconciliation for Kusan seemed impossible – but if there’s one pearl of wisdom to take from the Kennedy story so far, it’s never say never. They’ve split up post Sarah, post Izzy and post uhhh... Jim Dolan, and are now, hopefully, back together for good. But who knows what could be just around the corner?