Karl and Susan Memorable Moments Fifteen to Eleven

Here's part two of our Karl and Susan Memorable Moments!

Karl suffers a heart attack - episode 4677

Karl kicks out Izzy - at last - which caused heartache all round. Unfortuately, Karl went on to suffer an actual heart attack. Can you guess who he'd call in what could possibly be his final moments? Wasn't Izzy...

Susan slips and loses her memory - episode 4029

Plane crashes, tornados and bush fires - Susan Kennedy had escaped them all relatively unscathed. But a puddle of milk proved more dangerous to Susan than all of the above, leaving her with a nasty case of Erinsborough - amensia. To Suze, it was 1972, she was 16 again and expecting her parents to arrive any minute. She'd no idea who Karl or Libby were, and it took months for Karl to win back Susan's heart. Bit by bit, memories started to return...including those of Karl cheating on her..

Susan Slips

Susan wants a divorce - episode 4069

When you're trying to remember the past 30 years of your life it's probably nicer not to recall certain moments, but in a moment of honesty, Karl revealed his sinful kiss with Sarah Beaumont. Susan promptly asked for a divorce.

Susan's miscarriage - episode 5819

Susan and Dan had a shaky relationship at times, but leaving your mother in-law to suffer a miscarriage in the bush alone...that's not going to go down well. Susan lost the baby - Dan and Libby's baby, no less - leaving Susan's health, and the Fitzgerald marriage in serious jeopardy.

Susan loses baby

Susan finds out about Karl's kiss with Sarah - episode 3110

Who can forget the absolute devastation when Susan's suspicions about Karl and Sarah were confirmed? Her tears excruciating to watch, but probably not as painful as Karl's face after that slap.

Sarah and Karl