Karl and Susan Kennedy trivia

Having spent the good part of the last 20 years calling themselves Erinsborough locals, it would be fair to assume one might know all there is to know about the Kennedy’s.

Just like butter is to bread, Karl and Susan are to Ramsay Street. Having spent the good part of the last 20 years calling themselves Erinsborough locals, it would be fair to assume one might know all there is to know about the Kennedy’s. It’s certainly no secret they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs as a couple. In fact, the majority of their dirty laundry has been aired in public for all to see and hear. But despite some very public battles, there are still some things you might not know about the Kennedy’s. We’ve gathered a bunch of interesting facts you might have once known, can’t recall or have never heard before, about Australia’s favourite on again and off again couple…

  • Karl Kennedy is named after Karl Marx, which we find to be quite ironic considering  The Doc’s staunch conservatism. Another interesting point to note however, is his conservative naming of his own children. We suspect this might have been the ultimate rebellion… Mal was named after the former Australian Liberal party Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, Billy after right wing conservative Billy Sneddon and of course Libby after Queen Elizabeth.
  • Although Karl is known to be the “musical” one of the family, it’s a little known fact that Susan can play the piano.  But we doubt old Suze is in any hurry to rush off and join The Right Prescription. Even though we do think the band could do with an injection of femininity into the band.
  • In addition to Susan’s musical talents, it’s also a fact she is a stage sensation. Her role as the lead in the production of “A Nightmare on Erinsborough” in the early 90’s won her wide acclaim…from…well, we don’t actually know whom, but we’re sure she was great. Cough. Would have loved to have seen that little number.
  • Karl Kennedy is an alcoholic. Which is interesting considering he seems to spend a lot of time in Charlie’s drinking “coffee”.  Who knows perhaps he might be adding a sneaky splash of whiskey to those lattes he seems to thoroughly enjoy consuming?
  • Of course we all recall Karl’s affair with Sarah Beaumont, after all how could we forget that kiss?! However, something you may not know is that Sarah Beaumont is the sister of Malcolm Kennedy’s wife, Catherine. So essentially, Karl had an affair with his future daughter-in-law’s sister. Talk about keeping it in the family!
  • We’re not sure if Susan would want us to bring this one up but we really can’t resist. It is alleged (and our sources confirm) Susan and Karl once caught Billy smoking a cigarette. No biggie, kids do it all the time, it’s basically a right of passage. However, you might be surprised to learn the controversy wasn’t in the crime, but rather the punishment. You see Susan thought it would be a good idea as a punishment to make young Billy smoke a cigarette in front of her, just to show him how unglamorous the act of smoking really was. But this brilliant plan backfired on her when he ended up suffering an asthma attack! Talk about terrible parenting.
  • We all remember the time Karl’s animals got out of the backyard and destroyed poor Sheila’s vegetable garden. Karl was devastated and his exact words to Sheila were, “those animals are like family to me”. Well, long before Lenny and Chop, it was Cassie. Which everyone assumed was short for Cassandra. It wasn’t though. It was short for Casserole. Not to mention, calling your sheep Chop?
  • Susan Euthanized her own mother...
  • And also once had an affair with a priest!

So that’s about all of the dirt and random information we can dig up on the Kennedy’s…have you got any other memories? If so, we’d love to hear them!

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