Jodi Anasta On Elly's Scary Snake Situation

Jodi Anasta on her experience joining Neighbours

Elly has ruffled some feathers since arriving, were you worried the neighbours might just let you suffer and not come to your aid when you were bitten by the snake? 

Yes. But I think what this whole scenario has shown is that Elly does have a good heart. What she did for Nell was quite heroic I think, and shows another side of Elly; that she puts others before herself. I’m very defensive of Elly, I don’t think anyone would have just left her to suffer.

What was it like working with the snake on set? 

I loved it, I had the snake around my neck at one point. I love snakes. But spiders scare me. Tarantulas. Funnel-webs. Huntsmans. And bats.

What’s coming up for Elly? 

Elly has a period coming up where she really gets to know her students. She gets quite involved with school, and dealing with the issues that spring up there. Then there is a bit of romance on the cards. Maybe with someone familiar to the audience.

What’s been your favourite day on set so far? 

I would say it would be days when I’m on set with Ben (Ned), Kip (Brad), Kate (Lauren) and Scotty (Mark). They’re a good bunch, and it’s always fun when we are all on set together. It’s a good energy; we all feed off each other, and end up in hysterics. But if I had to pick a day it would be my first day on set, I had spent so long thinking about it and it so I was excited to get it done.