Jiordan Tolly talks fondly of her time on Neighbours

Neighbours star Jiordan Tolli has spoken about her role as Lolly Carpenter, which she was cast in at just two months of age.

She describes herself as growing up a “cheeky toddler” onset, spending seven years playing Lou Carpenter’s granddaughter. Jiordan says “It didn’t seem that long - it was just fun for me. I didn’t know it was work.”

Due to her age, Jiordan’s parents were responsible for most of her decisions, including the one to leave Neighbours – although she says it was a “joint decision” in the end. Tom Oliver, who plays Lou on the show, recalls speaking to Jiordan’s mother at the time and understanding that she needed “a proper education.”

“I loved school, even high school, it was good, and I loved working here, but to go back and have that Monday to Friday school thing was so awesome,” said Jiordan.

While Jiordan was off getting an education, the role of Lolly was temporarily played by another actress, Adelaide Kane.

Tom recalls it’s not the first time he’s had to adjust to his on-screen family being recast, noting the time Colette Mann briefly played the role of Cheryl Stark, and more recently the role of Lauren Turner being played by Kate Kendall.

But Tom laughs the recasts off, “these things happen and it just takes a bit of getting used to,” he said.

Despite the long period apart, Tom and Jiordan still seem to share a familial bond off-screen as well as onscreen. The pair have a laugh onset, as Tom imitates a young Jiordan, “Mummy, I don’t want to do this anymore!” He describes her affectionately as being a “little rascal” as a youngster.

“I’d just walk off set when I couldn’t be bothered”, Jiordan recalls.

“I was her second dad!” says Tom.  Jiordan laughs, “Yes - pop Tom!”

For more with Jiordan and Tom, check out our exclusive video.

Jiordan and tom