Jenna Rosenow on Amber's Pregnancy

How is Amber coping with a baby on the way? We went and had a chat to Jenna to find out...

Amber has discovered her baby has a milder form of CDH than she believed – how is she feeling after receiving this news?

Pretty relieved! It's the best news her and Josh could have received in this situation.

How big a part did research play in your approach to this story line?

Like any story line that you don't know too much about research plays a big part. I was also amazed that a few people reached out on social media to share their own stories of having children with CDH!

How would you react if you were in Amber’s position? Do you think she’s handled things well?

It’s a pretty huge thing to be faced with.  No one wants to find out that there might be something wrong with their baby.  I think all things considered she handled things well.

Amber has been through a huge year, how has she evolved? Have her ambitions in life changed?

It has been a huge year! Amber has definitely evolved and grown up a lot. It’s been great to see the changes that she has gone through finally realising that it’s okay to be single and that she doesn't need a guy in her life.


What do you think of Josh's desperate attempts to support the baby?

I wouldn't call them desperate! Josh is definitely a caring guy and he does just wants the best for Amber and their baby.  However he does do a few questionable things and Amber questions his motives for doing certain things.

If you were in Amber’s shoes would you forgive Josh after what he did online?

I'm not sure.. The whole situation is just wrong! He should not have gone about things that way that's for sure.