How to have a Neighbours wedding

Haven't you always desired a Neighbours style wedding? Well here's our 10 step guide...

Step 1: Ensure that you’re not in love with the person you’re marrying.

And make sure to plant a big fat kiss on that other man you’ve been lusting over. Yes Annalise, we’re most definitely hinting at your wedding antics!


Step 2: Get married in the same venue you married someone else

We suspect Karl, always the penny pincher, was onto some kind of 2-for-1 deal when he tried to marry Izzy in the same venue he married Susan only a couple of years earlier. As it turns out, he shouldn’t have bothered…

Step 3: Don’t turn up for the wedding.

In order to truly replicate a Neighbours style wedding one half of the couple must not turn up to the wedding at all. Izzy Hoyland did Karl the favour of a lifetime by doing a runner on the day of their nuptials.

Step 4: Don’t look any further than Paul Robinson for the perfect husband.

A really short marriage should be exactly what you’re looking for when deciding to tie the knot Neighbours style – and the king of brief marriages is none other than Paul Robinson. Lyn Scully didn’t enjoy her short and sweet marriage, but we’re 100% certain you will… if you’re dedicated to the Ramsay Street theme.

Step 5: Get married for the wrong reason.

A marriage of convenience is always much better than one based on true love…and most important if you’re looking to organise a Neighbours themed occasion. Whether it’s because you’re pregnant and influenced by really strict parents like Vanessa, or simply need to cover up an affair/pregnancy, like Steph Scully, the wrong reason is always right in Erinsborough.

lucas and vanessa

Step 6: If you believe you’re cursed when it comes to marriage, go for it!

Dee. Steph. These weddings didn’t exactly go to plan. So what better way to get over it than have a third wedding, to Sonya? Third time lucky, surely? Cue massive gas explosion that kills two of your friends.

So, if you feel as though you’ve got some sort of marriage curse, book in that ceremony. You might even get the same explosive ceremony experienced at Toadie and Sonya’s wedding!

Sonya and Toadie vows

Step 7: Organise a marriage, when you’re already married!

Now, it sounds a bit crazy, but it’s exactly the right move to add some extra buzz to the occasion. Would we even remember Paul and Rebecca’s wedding ceremony without the return of Lyn Scully and her unsigned annulment papers? Luckily Paul and Rebecca were able to tie the knot later the down the track, but for those looking for a big ceremony, but no commitment, it’s the perfect scenario!

Step 8: Make sure flammable equipment hasn’t been tagged and tested!

Yep, we’re referencing Sonya and Toadie’s wedding again. It was just too perfect not re-ignite! Ha. In this step you should make sure that you have flammable equipment, and that it’s placed carefully next to flammable materials. Just watch the sparks fly!


Step 9: Arrive in style…

When we say arrive in style, it doesn’t mean have your makeup and hair perfect, it means have a police escort. Although Donna looked like an angel standing up unfastened in Lucas’ Ute, it wasn’t long before the authorities turned up. Due to the kind nature of one particular officer, Donna made a unique entrance to her wedding. What more could you want from a wedding arrival?

donna and ringo

Step 10: Take your car swimming after the ceremony.

Hang on, cars don’t swim? Someone should have mentioned that to Toadfish; especially considering his passenger was Dee, whom he’d just married. If you’re looking for Neighbours style wedding heartache, you really can’t go past this step.

Now there you have it. Who doesn’t want to replicate a Ramsay Street wedding?

Disclaimed: Do not actually follow any of these steps. Your wedding day will definitely end in misery. But it will be entertaining to watch…