Gary's New Girl

Damien Richardson's character Gary Canning has found a new lady

Looks like Gary has his sights set on Terese - what is it about her that intrigues him?

He is batting well above his average. Any man that thinks he has the chance of attracting a woman out of his league; you know it’s hard to say no. She represents someone who Gary wouldn’t have seen himself being with. I mean she owns something. She’s corporate.

Does Gary have any issues lying to Terese for Paul?

He feels terrible about it. He’s torn. But this is the thing about Gary, he hasn’t necessarily been the smartest criminal known to man. He’s just found himself in really awkward situations and hasn’t had the gumption to say no. He’s felt compelled to choose the wrong course of action.

What’s the silliest thing Damien has done to get a girl’s attention?

I basically ran straight into a sheet of glass. I saw this girl that I knew had been chasing me for a bit, I tried to just exit the area pretty quickly, and I flew through this door, but instead smacked straight into it. Ended up cutting my head open, and was rushed straight to hospital!

What’s coming up for Gary?

There is really interesting stuff coming up with Gary and Terese’s relationship. Also the reunion with Xanthe’s mother Brooke. Who knows what kind of tension that’s going to cause. I mean seriously he’s already living under the same roof as three strong women; his mother, daughter and friend Amy. Throw Brooke into that mix and Gary is going to have a tough time of it.