Gary's Big Pigeon Race

Damien Richardson talks about his new found love for the elegant racing pigeon

Racing Pigeons? Explain. 

So Gary inherited a pigeon and named it Lassiter’s. I tell you what - this pigeon is gold. Its sleek, it’s athletic.

Had you ever seen a racing pigeon before? 

No, but they’re athletes. I bet you don’t know the collective noun for a pigeon? It’s not a flock. It’s a kit of pigeons - I’ve done a bit of research on all this.

If Damien’s life depended on it, would you be able to train a winning racing pigeon? 

I’m not sure if I could, but I would put a bit of money on Gary being able to do it.

What’s the best thing that’s happened on set since you joined Neighbours? 

Pigeons. They’re great to work with. They don’t answer back. You can pretty much manipulate them and put them wherever you want. They won’t stand in your shot, and if they do, you just move them out of the way. If more of the actors could be like pigeons, it would be great.Fifi Box has been cast to play your ex - Brooke Butler. Is there a future for your characters? 

There is some serious tension going on between those two. Coming up Gary and Xanthe are hunting Brooke down and trying to find her, but the relationship is pretty bad.Is Gary’s time in prison over? Is he on the straight and narrow? 

He’s doing the best he can. Who’s to say what’s to come. It would have been great to see a little more of Gary and Paul in jail, that would have been great. But for now, he’s on the straight and narrow, yes.