Eve Morey on the Backpackers Crash

We spoke with Eve Morey following last night’s revelation of the truth behind the Backpackers crash.

So, Sonya is the anonymous driver! What is running through her mind right now?

Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse – it’s worse. Before her drinking was only hurting herself but now she has physically hurt people and nearly killed them. Up until now she managed to keep her alcoholism a little more secret but now that Jarrod realises how bad it really is Sonya is in fear of losing custody of Nell. After this she knows she has completely stuffed up.

What do you think Sonya regrets the most at this point?

Definitely this accident. She has now reached a point of drinking where she has blacked out and been completely reckless. Before this she felt like she had control to stop it and move forward with her life but now that she has done this she is in the hands of the legal system. She has lost control.


Do you think Sonya will ever be able to forgive Toadie?

I think so. At this point she still holds a lot of anger at both at Toadie and at herself. We are working through this now with the scripts, it’s so much more than just a one time affair and the reason behind Toadie doing what he’s done is a lot deeper than a simple mistake. I think if Sonya gets past that she will be able to forgive him.

What have been the challenges of filming the storyline of Sonya’s downward spiral?

It’s been very emotionally taxing. Your body doesn’t know the difference between real crying and acting so physically it’s exhausting. Acting drunk has also been a challenge for me. We haven’t really seen Sonya drunk before in the past eight years of the show. After playing Sonya for so long I can easily tap into her character but developing Sonya in this way was something new for me.

Callum returns to Erinsborough soon! What was it like working with Morgan Baker again?

It’s the best! He’s been gone for nearly three years. It’s sad that it took this storyline to bring him back. I think he is the only person who can actually get through to Sonya. For Callum to see Sonya in this way will really make her re-evaluate the situation. Morgan is so smart and funny and I always have wonderful conversations with him. We get along so well, we speak the same language.

How did playing a mother on-screen change once you had a baby in real life?

I never realised how hard it was. Scarlett (Nell) never had tantrums; she was so calm on set. The biggest drama in my real life at the moment is raising a two year old. No one prepares you for how hard it is.  If I had a child again on Neighbours I’d love to inject a bit more of the reality of raising a child into the story.