Eve Morey on Sonya's Pregnancy

Eve discusses Sonya's controversial pregnancy

Why do you think Sonya continued to offer the surrogacy despite the many warnings she received?

I think deep down into her subconscious, so deep that it’s not going to be revealed for a very long time, there’s a part of her that would like to be pregnant again and have another child. She knows what it’s like to make mistakes and wants Steph to have a redemptive journey and sees the pain Mark has gone through. At this point she truly believes these two people are deserving of having a child together and wants to help.

Do you think Toadie should have a say in what Sonya chooses to do?

Definitely. Even though the child is for someone else, it affects their relationship and their lifestyle a lot so I think his input is essential. Whether or not Sonya listens to it is a different story.

Do you think it was fair for Steph to ask Sonya to take the morning after pill?

Eve thinks so. But I look at it from an outsider’s point of view in the sense that that this shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I’ve always said give it a year, if they are still going strong and want kids then maybe. I think it has been a very reactive decision after Charlie has left. I am pro-choice and although I believe Sonya is too, in this particular instance she sees it as a conscious decision that was done on purpose so it’s not fair to jeopardise an entity that may be in it’s infancy. Everyone had to be a little more honest before it all started.

Would you like to see Sonya and Toadie have more children?

Yes! Especially after this story line I think it would be really nice for them to have another child of their own.

What’s next for Sonya?

This situation is not going to end well. Her worse nightmare is coming but hopefully there will be a lot of personal growth from it. We are going into the darkest time of the show for Sonya now.