Doomed Couples of Erinsborough

It’s been a rocky time for loved up couples in Erinsborough, with the destruction of Josh and Amber’s teen romance to a lingering secret between past lovers Brad and Lauren.

Fate just isn’t kind to some couples, so let’s look back at pairings on Ramsay Street that were doomed from the outset…

Summer and Andrew:

Summer and Andrew had a long-standing connection during their time on Ramsay Street, but a happy and obstacle free relationship was never on the cards. When Andrew first meets Summer he’s quickly warned off by Lyn Scully…due to Lyn’s (pretty reasonable) mistrust of all things Robinson.

Summer and Andrew began as friends, with Andrew hooking up with fellow neighbour Natasha Williams. Things (literally) heat up between Summer and Andrew when they’re caught together in a burning house…little to the knowledge of Tash. When they finally felt like they could form a proper relationship Tash fakes a pregnancy… leaving Andrew facing fatherly duties and Summer alone again.

When Summer and Andrew finally get a proper shot at a relationship, things turn sour quickly… turns out their personalities clashed… all of the time. Summer attempted to repay a debt to Paul on Andrew’s behalf, which left him feeling suffocated.

Andrew’s decision making was never perfect; cheating on Tash, an alcohol inspired tattoo, and lying about a diagnosis of epilepsy - whereas Summer always held strong values and gave guidance to friends - whether they wanted it or not. In the end, it turns out – they just weren’t meant to be…

Shane and Daphne:

We all remember the love story of Des and Daphne, but don’t forget about Shane – who instantly found her attractive when she turned up at Des’ bucks party… as a stripper.

Shane’s attraction eventually led to the two forming a relationship, much to the disapproval of Shane’s father Max Ramsay… As the relationship went on Daphne had a change of heart, in the direction of housemate Des.

Daphne and Des found themselves at the alter ready to exchange vows, but Des flaked out, leaving Shane to rekindle things with Daphne… for a while. Eventually, Des and Daphne would reconcile, but, alas, a car crash would tear them apart forever.

Madge Ramsay and Lou Carpenter:

Harold and Madge were the ultimate love story and golden couple of Ramsay Street, but do you remember when Madge got together with long time friend Lou Carpenter, pretty quickly after Harold was lost at sea?

Although Lou Carpenter possesses an abundance of charm and wit, his wandering eye became a worry for Madge, and Lou eventually recognised he wasn’t the man she truly loved. Despite the lasting friendship between the pair, we always knew Madge’s heart belonged to Harold and that her relationship with Lou was just filling the void…

Rachel Kinski and Angus Henderson:

When sixteen-year-old Rachel Kinski and new teacher Angus began their relationship, it was under rather risqué circumstances. They’d only bumped into each other a few times before deciding to go on a date…but Angus thought Rachel was at university…not high school!

After Rachel snuck into a club to see Angus they ended up sharing a fateful kiss…of doom. He was to be her substitute teacher at Erinsborough high…awkward.

After Angus initially tried to do the right thing and end any sort of relationship, love-struck Rachel had other plans. At home Rachel struggled to deal with Susan’s health issues…so what’s a better cure than a forbidden romance? With a fiery passion Rachel convinced Angus to engage in a secret relationship…but hidden affairs tend slip out on Ramsay Street… just look at Amber and Daniel.

Once the relationship was exposed to the neighbourhood things went down hill fast; Rachel is verbally attacked at school and Angus is charged by the authorities…

Izzy Hoyland and Karl Kennedy:

Who can forget the moment Izzy Hoyland stepped onto Ramsay Street? Although her initial introduction to Neighbours was in hopes of visiting her wholesome brother Max, Izzy’s flirtatious and devious nature quickly started to show.  Immediately forming a bond with Karl, the two eventually ended up in bed together…much to the dismay of Karl’s wife Susan.

It wasn’t long before the cracks started to appear in Erinsborough’s most scandalous coupling – with Izzy misleading Karl into believing he’s the father of her unborn child. Next time Karl feels a midlife crisis coming on, we hope he remembers why he came back to upstanding wife Susan.

Karl and Izzy

What other couples where doomed from the beginning? Let us know!