Deep Dive: Who Is The Erinsborough Fire Bug?

A second fire has broken out at the Brennan-Tanaka household, and all eyes are on Zara.

She’s had a history with starting fires in the past, but this time around Zara vehemently denies any wrongdoing. She’s now one more bad decision away from getting sent packing back to Cairns.

So, if it’s not Zara, then who is really behind the fires? Our thoughts are below:


He seems like an unlikely culprit, but Ned has a history of being a bad boy and getting himself into trouble, and his links to Zara could mean that he is the mastermind behind the latest fires. Ned’s relationship with Amy has gone downhill since Zara’s arrival, with Amy breaking things off to spend more time with her troubled, jealous daughter.

There's still love between the couple, so is Ned secretly lighting the fires to set Zara up, to send her away for good and win Amy back? Seems like a Ned thing to do.

Sadie and Aubrey

Zara has been trying to win the approval of her friends, Sadie and Aubrey, ever since she started attending Erinsborough High. However, the girls are not quite the star students that the teachers have us believe. Sure, they may be academically gifted, but they love to gossip, make crude remarks in the hallway, and get a kick out of pranking their teachers.

They let Zara take the blame for the whole teddy bear joke involving Jane Harris, and constantly give each other the side eye whenever Zara talks, which only proves that they don’t have much respect for her and their friendship. Furthermore, the girls know that Zara has a history of lighting fires, so it’s possible that they’re the real culprits behind the whole thing, setting Zara up for expulsion - or worse, criminal charges.


It’s no secret that Mackenzie has had a gripe with Zara ever since she stepped foot in Erinsborough. Not only does Zara’s defiance and lack of respect for others clash with Mackenzie’s more mature attitude, but she's always flirting with Mackenzie's bf Hendrix. She's also the sole reason Mackenzie has had to move out of her home, that she’s shared with Toadie and felt safe in for years.

Mackenzie has never really stepped a foot out of line in the past, but has Zara’s ways driven her to this unexpected act of arson, to frame Zara and get her kicked out of Erinsborough for good?


Maybe no one else has lit the fires, and it really is Zara, and she’s fooled us all. It wouldn’t be the first time someone in Erinsborough has lied their way out of a situation.