David The Father

Takaya Honda discusses David's thoughts on fatherhood, the love he has for his on-screen twin and what his first six months on the show have been like.

Why does David offer to play the father of Paige’s baby? 

It solves a few problems for David, and it helps out his friend Paige. The offer to help comes from seeing his friend in turmoil and the struggle that she’s having with her family. For David there is that altruistic element in wanting to help her, but the subtext is to divert people’s attention away from his sexuality.

Would David like to be a father? 

I think he’s imagined it, but has never thought that it would be possible, given his issues with sexuality. He loves the idea of being a father, but has always distracted himself with study, never allowing himself to wish.Has David had girlfriends? 

In my mind he has tried to, but that really depends on the definition of what a ‘girlfriend’ is. He’s never had anything serious.

David and Leo seem like polar opposites, what has made them so different?

I can’t pinpoint one thing that makes them different. In certain elements we are ‘twinsies’ and ultimately there are base characteristics that are very similar for us. We both do things because we believe are in the right – but we just have different ideas of what the right thing to do is. Leo is much more about taking care of us, and that can come across as selfish. David is more in line with following the rules and being the ‘nice guy’.

David and Leo

How has your first six months on the show been? 

Good. An adjustment. Full time work has been great. There’s a lot of learning you have to do on a show like this, and there have been quite a few things that I hadn’t thought about previously. Just to name one; working with different directors and learning how each individual works and discovering what type of directing I like.

Your girlfriend just moved down from Sydney, how has that been? 

Good, we now have a little dog, Mia. She’s two but still the size of a puppy, she’s dominating our lives at the moment. But its been good; a lot of un-packing, settling in and organizing our stuff. It’s been really nice to have the support when I go home at the end of the day. I didn’t know too many people here in Melbourne before I moved, and with the long hours at Neighbours, it’s quite hard to get that much social time.