Colette Mann on Family Feud

Colette Mann got to star on one of her favourite tv shows this week - Family Feud.

Are you a fan of Family Feud?

Yes, I am. I am old enough to remember when Bert Newton was on the show, of course now it’s the fabulous Grant Denyer. I tend to watch it right before Neighbours.

Have you ever been on a game show?

Yes I’ve been on lots of game shows, celebrity ones. Sale of the Century, Great Temptations, Blankety Blank that sort of stuff. Sale of the century I won twice. I am quite smart with the pop culture… if you read TV week it’s easy. 

Originally Sheila wanted Gary to ask Terese out. What’s changed?

He took matters into his own hands and became the new saucepot of Ramsay Street. He was actually seeing her behind my back. Then they pretended they weren’t on together to put people off the scent. Terese was even quite rude to him in front of me. As you know Sheila is a lioness when it comes to her family so she let her know she didn’t like the way she was treating Gary.

Much has been talked about your great relationship with Damien Richardson, why are you so close?

I knew of his work before the show, which I liked a lot. When they were looking for someone to play Kyle’s father a few years ago they screen tested a whole lot of people and with a week to go our casting director came to me and said ‘what do you think of Damien Richardson?’ Without even meeting him I said ‘I think he’d be absolutely fantastic’. He’s fantastic to work with, really funny and makes me laugh which is important to me.

Xanthe’s mum played by Fifi Box arrives on the street soon. What was it like working with Fifi and having a new family dynamic to work with?

It was great to have Fifi in. She was fantastic. She‘s also a mum so she could understand that feeling of the character she had to play. We have become great friends and stayed in contact since she’s been here. I think she will surprise the viewers.

What else is coming up for Sheila?

She’s a bit of a honey pot for somebody. I’m pretty excited about it. Basically Gary gets himself into some strife and Sheila needs to seduce someone to get him out of it. Later on in the show a love interest from the past comes back and it’s not Russell…