Chris Milligan talks Gary Canning

Gary Canning's arrival in Erinsborough has shocked Kyle beyond belief, yet provided the opportunity for a new father and son relationship. We thought we'd check out Chris Milligan's thoughts on the whole scenario...

If you were in Kyle’s position would you give Gary a chance to reconnect?

I think it really comes back to the way Gary left, Kyle really never got the answers he needed about his father, so I think for me I would really want those answers first before I made a decision. I’d need to know more about why he wasn’t around, why he didn’t make contact, you know, all those questions. Once I had all the right information then perhaps I’d go from there.

You’d have to give the guy a chance though, he’s your father, and I’m pretty loyal to family. However at the same time you’d be cautious of getting hurt, it’s a really hard situation.

What are you thoughts on how Georgia handled the situation, by stepping in and forcing the re-connection?

Ah, it’s a difficult one, because she’s his wife now, and they’re hopefully going to be together forever. So she’s really part of his family now, or even the closest thing he has to family. Then again, I’d say don’t interfere in it!

I’m kind of sitting on the fence with this one, it’s such a big thing for Kyle to have his father around, and at the moment things are going well for them.

We don’t know a lot about Gary’s past at this point, however we do know he’s not being totally honest about certain aspects of his life. If you’d found out that your long lost father had been lying about his life, after reappearing, would that be the last straw?

I’d be extremely angry that’s for sure. You know, this guy that you’ve never known, who’s your father, comes in and you start trusting him, to then find out he’s been lying about things, well you’d have to drop him wouldn’t you? Nothing about him would seem real.

Do you believe in keeping a relationship with someone based purely on them being family, and not their actions?  Would you keep a family member in your life despite anything?

It’s pretty hard for me because my Mum and Dad have been together my whole life, Dad’s always been there. Being able to think from Kyle’s position is quite difficult, but Kyle has family anyway. He’s got his Nan, his auntie, his mum, and now a wife. He’s also got his friends. So really, he’s gone this long without a father, and I think he’d be fine. He doesn’t necessarily need Gary in his life. I certainly wouldn’t keep a family member in my circle if they were causing trouble, it’s just more hassle than it’s worth.

How would you like the relationship between Gary and Kyle to develop?

Well it’s funny, because you can see the similarities in them, even though he hasn’t been around. I think they’d be a great father-son mix, they’re both idiotic at times, both handymen, and I really think they could have a good relationship. It all depends on whether they’re honest to each other.

What bonding activities can you imagine for Kyle and Gary Canning?

Well I could see them going to Monster Truck shows together, or something in that realm. You know, something quite bogan.

What was it like working with Damien Richardson?

Damien is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met! He’s also one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with, and to have him come in, it was really refreshing. He made me step up my game, and pushed my performance further, he’s just awesome. One night, Morgana, Damien, and myself had tea at Colette’s; we all get along extremely well. I really believe you can see that bond shine through onscreen. We’ve all stayed in contact too, which is good.