Chris Milligan returns to Neighbours

Chris Milligan returns as Kyle on Neighbours

Welcome back to Erinsborough, did you miss us?

Of course I did, that’s why I’m back!

What’s it been like living in LA?

Different. It’s a whole new life. I’ve set up an apartment, a car… it’s new, it’s different and it’s exciting.

Are you hanging out with many ex-Neighbours cast members over in LA?

Not really. I know a few of the guys I used to work with are working in other countries. I have hung out with an ex-Home and Away cast member, Lincoln Younes and I did see James Mason and Taylor Glockner. Anyone who has been on Australian television is over there.

You’ve got an apartment there with Jenna Rosenow. Are there wedding bells on the horizon?

No there is not, not yet. We are both very career driven at the moment. You never know in the future… if she’s lucky.

When you left the show, did you ever think you’d be back?

Yeah I did. This place has given me so much and I have always said I want to come back and finish off Kyle’s storyline. He was here for 7 years so I think he deserved that.

What can you tell us about Kyle’s return?

Kyle comes back for Sheila’s 60th and just to make sure his dad is being a dad to Xanthe. I think Kyle is a bit of a father figure to Xanthe so he just wants to make sure Gary is doing the right thing by her.

Is Kyle impressed by Gary?

It’s a bit awkward at first, as it always will be. Their relationship is always going to be kind of unresolved, but they’re getting there. He can see Gary is actually being a father to Xanthe now.

What’s been happening with Georgia and Kyle? And more importantly Bossy?

Georgia’s working a lot and Kyle has taking up slap dancing classes. Georgia and Kyle are good. They got married on screen, then when she left we broke up and when she came back we continued it on, there was never a divorce. Bossy is great… she’s eaten a lot of bratwurst.

What’s next for you Chris?

I’ll go back to LA. I can finally start living my life over there instead of travelling back and forth between Brisbane where my family is, Melbourne where my work is and LA where Jenna is. It’s a move for good.