Callum Returns to Erinsborough

Morgan Baker discusses Callum's return to Erinsborough ahead of tonight's episode

Callum has returned to Erinsborough! What was it like being back on set? 

Being back on set was a wonderfully nostalgic experience, felt quite funny walking down the old hallways and seeing so many familiar faces. It’s like visiting an old friend or relative you haven’t seen in a while, you instantly just kind of fall into rhythm.

Why is Callum back in town? 

Callum returns to attempt to pull Sonya out of this awful situation she’s placed herself in. She’s obviously in a very fragile state, and after the rest of her support network have failed to get through to her, Toadie bites the bullet and calls Callum. Because he has uniquely experienced Sonya’s addiction and is aware the impact it will have on Nell, Callum doesn’t hold back, and must open Sonya’s eyes to her failings as a mother.


What has Callum been up to since he left Erinsborough? Has he changed at all? 

After receiving his scholarship, Callum completed his studies in Game Design and Development, and is now working within a start-up company developing gaming and practical applications for smartphones. I think the experience of living away from home has matured Callum, as well as having to manage employees of his own. He’s still the same person at his core though. A goof.

If you could create any smart phone app what would it be and why? 

Probably just an enjoyable mobile platformer that DOESN’T involve micro-transactions… I’m not paying $0.99 for an extra 3 lives or a costume set…

What have you been up to since you left Neighbours? 

Mostly I’ve been studying. I left Neighbours to finish high school, and that’s exactly what I did. After VCE, I studied Theatre and Philosophy for a year, before joining the course I’m in now, an intensive Bachelor of Film and Television. I aspire to be a writer and director, as film is my true love.

Are you #TeamToadie or #TeamSonya? 

At this point, they’re both just kind of deplorable aren’t they? I mean, I fell as though they no longer reside on the pedestal they once did in Callum’s eyes. The day one sees their parents as the flawed people they are, is the day one’s heroes die. So, for the sake of debate, I contend that they deserve each other. #TeamNuclearFamily #TeamNell #TeamBringBackStingray