Ariel Kaplan talks Imogen and unrequited love

We caught up with Ariel Kaplan to chat about Imogen's love life, and her thoughts on unrequited love...

We’ve seen Imogen fall in love with Daniel; do you think she’ll ever be able to change her romantic feelings towards him?

I’d love to say yes, but I think unlike Imogen’s past crushes, where she thought she was in love, she was able to move on. I think with Daniel she’s actually really in love with him so I think it’s going to take something big to stop those feelings. Although sometimes the harder you try to get over someone, the harder it is to achieve. I really hope she’s able to get over him, wait no… I hope he starts loving her!

Imogen made the mistake of acting upon her feelings towards Daniel and kissing him. Do you sympathise with her actions?

I do sympathise with her, I mean of course I do, because playing someone you become attached to them, and I’m totally biased now. I will always think she’s right, because that’s how it should be you know. Imogen’s going through so much at the moment with her family, and that fact she’s in love with her best friend’s fiancé, I think anyone can suddenly let things get to them. She feels terrible though, and would never have done this on purpose. So yes, I do feel sorry for her.

Could you see any way Daniel and Imogen could become a couple? Or do you think it would be a betrayal no matter what?

I do think they could be together, but it would be wrong for it to happen during Amber and Daniel’s relationship, or for it to be the cause of a break up between Amber and Daniel. However if those two broke up for a different reason in the future, even though it kind of goes against girl code, I think both Amber and Daniel should be able to move on with other people. If that happened to be Daniel with Imogen, I think it could work, but it’s always going to be messy isn’t it?

Do you think it’s okay to date your best friend’s ex?

Oh goodness, I don’t know, as a general rule, probably not. I feel like in that scenario it’s going to hurt someone no matter what, but at the end of the day you can’t help whom you fall for, and if this person really is the ‘one’, do you deny that? I really don’t think I can answer this; nothing I say is going to be right, is it? 

Do you have any advice for Imogen, or anyone else on how to deal with un-requited love? Have you ever experienced this common phenomenon?

I’ve only really had crushes on people before, whether that’s been un-requited, or they’ve never had the guts to speak up, but I’ve never really been in love with someone before and have them not feel the same. Love is a really big deal to me, and I don’t fall in love really quickly or easily. My advice is, if the person is available and single, go for it. However if they’re in a relationship, do you best to get some space away from them, not see them everyday like Imogen and Daniel. You should also find the time to focus on loving yourself, rather than someone else.

Describe the perfect guy for Imogen?

Besides Daniel? I think Imogen’s very regimented and moralistic, almost quite a serious character, besides her witty sarcasm, which I love. It would be good for her to have someone that’s more relaxed, and that calms her down, but who still understands that’s not who she really is…like Daniel. Also someone intelligent!

Are you happy that Daniel and Amber are taking a break at the moment?

Ecstatic! Personally I’m the biggest Jamber fan and the biggest Dimogen fan. I’ve always wanted Josh and Amber to be together and I’ve always wanted Daniel and Imogen to be together. From day one I didn’t know what was happening with the writing so I thought Daniel and Imogen would end up together. It broke my heart that they didn’t! I love working with Tim, and we’ve been filming some intense scenes together lately, which has our characters spending more time together, so I’m still hoping. People ask why I just don’t want Imogen to get over Daniel, but I just want him to get interested in her! So really I’m happy they’re on a break, but it would be better if they were broken up!

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