Another Ramsay Street Couple Bites The Dust, As Yashvi And Ned Split For Good

Long-term couple Yashvi and Ned have called time on their tumultuous relationship, just days after Bea and Levi went their own separate ways.

In the words of Tyra Banks: 

Well, damn. Another day, another breakup in Erinsborough. And while this isn’t Ned and Yashvi’s first split, it may be the last. Although their relationship was plagued with lies, secrets and infidelity, we really wanted to see them flourish. We wanted them to move in together. We wanted a wedding. The next Scott and Charlene. Dee and Toadie! Without the cliff death, of course.       

Alas, the constant heartache Yashvi endured led to a breaking point. As she said during Tuesday’s emotional episode, she “never realised that love just might not be enough.”  

BRB, grabbing tissues! 

Yashvi may have initiated the end of her first serious relationship, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Sure, there were moments when she stuffed up, like calling their relationship early, when Ned wanted to take things slow. Or that time she ran dark tours of Erinsborough, teaching people about Evil Finn. But those situations were nothing compared to what she experienced. 

In the early stages, Ned cancelled their first proper romantic date. You know, the one where they were going to be intimate for the first time. He offered no explanation, until she confronted him the next day. By that stage, she was already feeling incredibly insecure.  

Then, the whole Scarlett thing happened. What. A. Scandal!  

The events that unfolded due to Scarlett’s arrival drove a huge wedge between Yashvi and Ned, as he allowed himself to be completely manipulated by Scarlett. Only days after going on a break with Yashvi, he slept with Scarlett and agreed to a romantic weekend away with her, which almost cost him his life. Despite all this, Yashvi was determined to expose Scarlett, and helped save Ned’s life. 

Then there was the whole drug ring debacle, which resulted in Ned getting caught in the middle of a police operation that Yashvi was a part of. It almost cost him his freedom, and Yashvi her job.  

Yashvi supported all of Ned’s dreams when others didn’t, convincing him to open an art exhibition space called ‘The Hive’. When he realised how expensive starting a business would be, she encouraged him to join Fandangle, a subscription service which would allow him to make money by getting some of his kit off. 

The money was good, and Ned went too far - getting into a dangerous situation with his stalker Scarlett, yet again.  

One reoccurring problem the couple continuously faced was that Ned kept secrets from Yashvi. He would pretend everything was fine and would only open up when issues became too serious to ignore.  

Or, when he got caught. 

Take the latest drama between him and the new Sheila Canning. He and Sheila instantly clicked, forming an emotional bond. He drew a beautiful image of her in his artbook and they shared an intense moment together. When Yashvi confronted Ned about whether anything was going on between the two, he denied it. But a secretly recorded conversation and the discovery of the artwork exposed the truth.  

The emotional toll, constant arguments and drama are what led Yashvi to make her decision. She didn’t want things to end, but for the sake of her wellbeing – and Ned’s – it was for the best. Yashvi had grown into a mature adult who knew she deserved better.  

While it’s sad to see the couple go their separate ways, we’re excited to see what comes next for Yasvhi.  

As that famous saying goes: “Y.O.L.O”.  

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