Amy Keeps It In The Family

What happens when you find out your new boyfriend is actually your long lost brother? Thankfully Zoe Cramond has no idea, but it’s the reality facing her on-screen character Amy Williams.

So Amy and Leo are siblings! What the? 

What the heck? Probably the worst news you could ever hear after dating someone. It was just so awkward… horrible… mortifying. Very weird!Will Amy and Leo be able to repair their relationship after this? 

It’s going to be hard, I’m not sure how you get past something like that? But they do manage to eventually get on but there will be many ups and downs along the way. One of them seems to handle it better than the other - I’ll let you guys decide which one.

Amy has now kissed both of her brothers. How does she sleep at night? 

She has nightmares. Now everyone she meets will need to get a DNA test, just to make sure they aren’t related.

Leo and Zoe find out

What do you think Amy is doing wrong when it comes to relationships? 

Amy just has really bad luck in the love department. First of all she’s going for the wrong kind of guys. The brother thing was just a really bad and unfortunate situation that was definitely out of her control. I think she’s attracted to a dysfunctional relationship; she’s so used to having that drama in her life, she almost attracts it.

We know you love music. Is there an album on the horizon? 

I have started playing music recently… there might be? I’m just doing it for fun at the moment. In saying that, I have started recording some stuff with Felix (Ben Kirk) so who knows? Watch this space.

What kind of music? 

I guess you would call it indie/folk/alternative… something like that.

What’s coming up for Amy on the show? 

She has more bad luck with love unfortunately – poor Amy. She actually ends up with someone that has a criminal past - another bad boy. Amy and Toadie become close as friends after all the tough times they’ve been going through. We also have a returning character (can’t give too much away) that is looking for her dad, and Amy’s going to help her find him.