Alan Fletcher 'Sings For Good'

Alan Fletcher 'Sings For Good'

We had a chat to Neighbours cast member Alan Fletcher about his latest project. Get your vocal chords ready!

"It’s been shown that when people sing together their sense of well-being increases and endorphins are released making them happier. I know that when I sing it makes me feel fantastic as it takes me out of the day-to-day world and transports me to a happy place. Wonderful soprano singer Tania de Jong has formed an organisation called Creativity Australia with a program called With One Voice. The idea is to create choirs - bringing people together from all walks of life and getting them singing.

In 2014 my friends The Pacific Belles and I became ambassadors for the With One Voice program - Sing for Good. This year we were joined by two ukulele orchestras and we put together a rendition of Dream a Little Dream. We're raising money to help support choirs around Australia and the great work they do.


Sing For Good has been getting people to film themselves singing together whether it’s in the shower, on stage or even in the operating theatre! People can vote which song's their favourite and on the 8th November at the Melbourne Town Hall we’ll be ending the campaign with a huge concert to decide a winner.

I encourage people to find out about how great singing can be for them. Wherever you live in the world, joining a choir or being a part of a community singing situation is a fantastic thing to do."

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