Alan Fletcher on Delivering Paige's Baby

Alan Fletcher discusses last night’s birth scene and his new travel photography show

Dr Karl just delivered Paige’s baby! How many babies has Karl Kennedy delivered?

Ooh, you’re testing me now! Karl has even delivered babies over the phone like the time he helped Joe Scully with a birth without being present. I think Karl has delivered three or four. It never gets old.

What has been the most intense medical procedure you’ve ever filmed? 

Probably the tracheotomy I gave Mel in Lou’s Place. Those were the early days, very early days. While Paige was in labour, Susan collapsed from being drugged.

What would Karl do without Susan? 

Play more golf… I’m joking of course! He couldn’t survive without her. He would just crawl up in a ball and stare at the wall.

You recently travelled to Iceland to film a new series! Tell us about it…

It’s a brand new travel show with a big emphasis on photography, where I explore and experience things around the world, photograph them and then choose the images that best sum up the trip.

Where did your love for travel photography come from? 

I’ve always just been in love with travel, and I began taking lots of photos as a young man. I was a professional photographer for 20 years as well so I’ve always had an interest.

What storylines are coming up for Karl and Susan? 

We have some very funny stuff coming up particularly revolving around Karl’s passion for gardening - which I have to say gets completely out of control after a trip he takes to Thailand. There’s much hilarity on its way!