Alan Fletcher on all things Karl

Today is Karl Kennedy’s birthday and to celebrate we sat down with the one and only Alan Fletcher.

How do you think Karl’s character has evolved over time?

He’s become a lot softer, a lot sillier and certainly a lot less of a disciplinarian on his children. Also as he’s gotten into middle age he’s become a little bit more egotistical.

When you first auditioned for the role of Karl did you anticipate that you’d still be with Neighbours today?

I could not have pictured, in my wildest imagination, I’d be here 20 years later. I had a one year contract and thought it would just be really cool to have one year with the show.

What’s been your favourite Karl and Susan moment so far?

Probably getting married on the Thames, it was a difficult shoot – very cold and windy. We did the wedding about three times and every time Jackie and I did it we cried! It was beautiful.

They've split up several times, but now after all their troubles – could Karl cope with losing Susan again?

No I don’t think he would cope at all because she’s such an integral part of his life. He couldn’t be with anyone else!

Alan Fletcher

Do you think Karl is better suited to medicine, hospitality or the music industry?

Karl thinks he’s better suited to the music industry, Alan thinks he’s better suited to medicine and then hospitality!

Tonight is Karl’s birthday, how would you help him celebrate?

I’d take Karl out to see a nice little acoustic duo playing somewhere in the suburbs, buy him a small beer and shout him a meal. If it was free he’d love it!

Alan Fletcher

What present might Karl secretly hope to receive?

Well a recording contract really but failing that a new guitar. It would be electric; he’d probably want a guitar that Alan’s being given which is a Gibson EC 335 – the guitar Elvis’ band used to play with.

What song do you think best describes Karl?

He would say his own song ‘Free as a River’ but probably the Bob Dylan song ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. Because Karl’s first song ‘Free as a River’ was a Bob Dylan type of song he was heavily influenced by folk and folk-rock. ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ would appeal to Karl as being you never stand still, always keep moving and gather no moss.