Adele Visits Ramsay Street

Adele Visits Ramsay Street

Superstar Adele took some time out from her sold out tour to do what all British tourists do when in Melbourne – visit Ramsay Street.

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Wrapping up the Australian leg of her tour, the Grammy and Oscar winner posted a picture of herself in Pin Oak Court, Vermont South, the street where Neighbours is filmed.

She posed out the front of No. 28 Ramsay Street, where Neighbours royalty Karl and Susan Kennedy reside, captioning the image “Neighhhhbours, should be there for one anotherrrr. That’s when good neighhhbours become goood friennnds.”

Rebekah Elmaloglou (Terese Willis) described the moment the cast discovered her Instagram post as ‘absolute mayhem’. “I ran down to the production office in a fit of excitement yelling out to everyone, ‘Oh My God Adele is on Ramsay Street right now!’”, she said. “We all love Adele here, we are massive fans. Who isn’t?”

Neighbours executive producer, Jason Herbison, said she was welcome at any time. ‘We are thrilled Adele was able to make a detour to visit Ramsay Street and how opportune, Neighbours’ special London episodes air this week,” he said.