Aaron in Paris

Matt Wilson discusses filming in Paris and spills the beans on a new love interest…

Aaron has gone to Paris! Can you tell us why?

Now that Tyler and Hamish have grown closer, Aaron and Mark are getting a little suspicious of Hamish’s intentions and are seeing cracks in his stories. Aaron hears about Hamish doing business in Paris and questions him about it but Hamish keeps brushing it off. Aaron snoops into Hamish’s suitcase and finds a photo of a woman in Paris with ‘Don’t forget me – I know your secrets. ‘ written on the back so Aaron goes to Paris to find the dirt on Hamish.

What was your favourite part of filming in Paris? 

Working with a French production crew. They spoke very little English so I learnt a whole bunch of phrases in French while on set like cut, move to the right/left, speak faster… They had to use a lot of hand signals. The French style of shooting is very raw. Seeing a different style of filming from across the world was really cool.


Did you do any sightseeing in Paris? 

I only got a couple of days in Paris and we were shooting until 1.30am one night. I love the Musee d’Orsay but I also happened to be in Paris on their ‘Night of Music’ where all the buskers and street performers take to the street and play music. There’s everything from opera to death metal.

Paris is the city of love! Will anything unexpected happen to Aaron on his trip? 

It wouldn’t be a Neighbours storyline without the unexpected… An old fling from Aaron’s past shows up. Will Aaron be faithful to David is the question….