5 spoilers for the Biggest Week Ever

Who will die in the Lassiters explosion?

Neighbours' biggest ever week kicks off on Monday 4th April as the boiler room of Lassiters Hotel explodes. In the aftermath we'll see arrivals, departures and returning characters set to shock at every turn. 

In an exclusive hour long episode on Channel Eleven Tuesday 5th April, one of the most emotional and moving death scenes ever will air.

So what else can we expect from this hotel horror? We’ve got five more spoilers to get you prepared.


1. Josh Willis and Daniel Robinson’s lives hang in the balance

As a result of the explosion both Josh Willis and Daniel Robinson are left buried beneath rubble and a fallen beam. Will they be rescued in time?


2. Toadie’s luck takes a turn for the worse

Just after getting back on his feet from his accident in 2015, Toadie now finds himself in a perilous situation. Can his life be saved?


3. Sarah Beaumont returns to Erinsborough

Karl will be spotted carrying ex fling, Sarah Beaumont, from the explosion. Susan is set to be shocked when she sees her arch nemesis has returned!


4. Ned Willis appears amongst the carnage

Beth Brennan and Brad Willis’ son Ned Willis will arrive in Erinsborough. The question being, why has has he decided to show his face after all this time?


5. Mystery man saves a life

Paige's life is put in danger by the explosion but luckily she is shown to be saved by a mystery man.


It’s sure to be one of the most gripping weeks in Neighbours history as the repercussions of the explosion will be felt for months to come. It all starts Monday 4th April on Eleven, don’t miss it - oh and get the tissues ready, you’ll need them!