5 Reasons You Don't Wanna Miss The Movie-Length Episode Of Neighbours

Because there are four more reasons than ‘Izzy’s back’

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

1. Old faces return

Stu, Lance and the rest of the Rebecchi clan will be in town for Toadie’s ‘90s themed (extremely belated) 21st birthday party. Stu and Toadie will spend a lot of time reminiscing about the days when they were housemates in the ‘House of Trouser’. Warning: they will do this in their boxer shorts.

2. Tyler and Piper make an insane decision

Without saying too much – Piper and Tyler’s costumes are not for the ‘90s themed party.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

3. Paige and Jack

We’ve all seen the way Jack looks at Paige, but what about the way she’s been looking at him lately?

4. Toadie gets some news he doesn’t want

With Stu in town, conversation will undoubtedly turn to the subject of Stu’s ex-wife, Cindi Watts. Cindi is the former Erinsborough resident who inspired Andrea to pose as Dee in order to claim the Bliss estate. When that backfired, Andrea claimed Toadie’s marriage and his mortgage money instead.

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

5. Izzy’s back

And we all know that means a heap of proverbial poo-poo is about to hit the Kennedys’ ceiling fan. Bring. It. On.

The Neighbours movie-length episode airs 6.30 Tuesday on ELEVEN, or catch up on tenplay