5 Possible Scenarios For How This Fake Dee Plot Could Pan out

So “Dee” is actually some rando named Andrea who’s playing one hell of an impersonation game in the hopes of getting her greasy mitts on the now entirely deceased Bliss family’s estate.

Alas, all that money has been donated to charity, and all Andrea’s hard work is beginning to look fruitless. Or is it? Just where could Andrea’s wily ways take her from here? We speculate.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven

Single White Female

Many people who remember the original Dee Bliss probably also remember the 90s psychological thriller Single White Female, in which a woman’s housemate steals her clothes, her hairstyle, her boyfriend and eventually has a good crack at snuffing out her life.

Andrea doesn’t actually have to kill Dee in order to gain everything Dee owns (we still presume Real Dee is dead, right?), assets that amount to a grand total of one Toadfish. Look out Sonya.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven

Set The Real Dee Free

Andrea is playing out a pretty elaborate ruse, fooling everyone except Toadie’s wife Sonya. Who’s to say she hasn’t been playing Sindi Watts as well? Maybe Andrea found Dee washed up on the shore 13 years ago and has been keeping her prisoner in a basement all these years. You never know when a doppelganger might come in handy, right?

Who better to stop Fake Dee than Real Dee? Now, if only Sindi Watts decided to go snooping around Andrea’s secluded fibro bush-shack…

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven

Steph Falls For Andrea

Steph’s already having trouble resisting the charms of Victoria the fertility doctor, so the possibility of a Steph-Andrea love affair can’t be ruled out.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven

Willow Saves The Day

Picture this: with Toadie’s encouragement and assistance, Willow passes the entry exam and gains a scholarship to the only grammar school in Australia that trains fighter pilots, becoming the smartest girl in year 7 because no one picks she should actually be in year 9, thanks to the pigtails, which are the best disguise ever, and after graduating, she becomes the first female fighter pilot to ever plague people in foreign countries.

Not sure how this helps Andrea, but still, go Willow.

Neighbours, 2017, channel eleven


Sonya hasn’t believed a word Andrea has said since she showed up on the doorstep that afternoon, interrupting her attempts to get Toadie to watch Outlander and make passionate Scotsman-inspired love to her.

Say Sonya were to get the evidence she needed to prove this Dee is fake, but rather than have Toadie made a fool of in front of the whole cul-de-sac, she gives Andrea what she seems to want most – money – in exchange for Andrea doing what Dee did 13 years ago – disappearing.

In this scenario, all you would need is for Toadie to have fallen in love with Andrea, despite her being the most despicable, lying, scamming human to ever walk the streets of Erinsborough, and the plot would really continue to thicken…

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