Francesca Cumani

Francesca Cumani

Born in Newmarket, England, Francesca had a passion for horse racing from a young age. Her father, Luca Cumani, is a highly successful, retired thoroughbred horse trainer and Francesca spent a lifetime growing up by the track.

After many years of pestering her father to let her ride one of the family’s many horses, Francesca finally began riding racehorses at age 11. By 18 years of age, she was licensed as an amateur jockey, had raced in over 25 races, and won four.

In 2006, Francesca brought two of her father’s racehorses to Australia to race in the Melbourne Cup. She worked under the mentorship of trainer David Hayes and stayed in Australia for eight months getting to know the industry.

Two years later, Francesca joined Channel 7 for their Melbourne Cup coverage, sharing her informed commentary and pre and post-race analysis, and in 2019 joined 10’s coverage of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Fluent in French, Spanish and Italian and holding an Arts Degree from the University of Bristol, Francesca has cemented herself as a global racing media expert, co-hosting ITV’s racing coverage in the UK and previously hosting Winning Post and Espanol’s Al Galope on CNN International. Francesca is also a successful owner and breeder of thoroughbreds; further enhancing her whole of industry credentials.

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