Network 10 takes you on a ride at the Melbourne Cup Carnival

Step right up! Step right up! Get the cameras out and step right up to 10’s special custom-built carousel activation at the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Located in The Park at Flemington Racecourse over the course of Cup Week, Carnival-goers will be able to take a ride on the 10-branded revolving carousel and capture their best Instagram-worthy pic.

Looking for a place to chill, or upload that pic? Punters will also be able to take a break at the Network 10 chill zone next to the carousel.

Network 10’s head of marketing strategy Jean Jenkins said: “We wanted to bring 10’s partnership with the Carnival to life with an immersive, sharable activation anyone can take part in. The carousel is a fun way for us to not only bring our brand to life, it also represents the playfulness of the full Carnival experience.”

The carousel is 8m wide x 5m high and was concepted and created in collaboration with Event Planet. It will operate across all four days of the Carnival.

As part of 10’s activation in The Park and partnership with the Carnival, The Loop’s Scott Tweedie will be roaming The Park and presenting live from the carousel.

Located on the hill, adjacent to the train station, The Park, is one of the most visited destinations on the course where racegoers can play and enjoy the best food, music and entertainment experiences.