Delta Goodrem to perform at the 2020 Melbourne Cup Carnival

Singer. Television personality. Racing aficionado.

Singer. Television personality. Racing aficionado. It’s triple the fun for Delta Goodrem, who keeps things interesting in a photo shoot for Stellar as she reveals her latest role, looks back on how her race-day fashions have stood the test of time and ponders her plans for the next season of The Voice.

Back in autumn, when everyone was grappling with the new normal of living through a pandemic, you were happily embracing a more casual approach to your everyday wardrobe and beauty routine. But as Friend of the Victoria Racing Club for Lexus Melbourne Cup Day, you’re frocking up again. Are you excited to return to some glam?

It’s been so much fun on this shoot – there’s glamming up, and then there’s being creative and doing something a bit more special and fun. I loved playing with the beautiful hats and fascinators. This year has definitely been the era of the tracksuit – it’s come out with a vengeance. Or the pyjama. I’m not sure if it was the tracksuit or the pyjama that made it to number one this year… I think it’s a photo finish!

“Photo finish” is an apt description given that, as you pointed out, you got to do away with the tracksuit for this latest venture.

I have such a huge heart for Melbourne; my parents are from there and I really started my career there on Neighbours. Melbourne Cup Day holds a lot of special memories, and is a treasured Australian tradition that brings Melburnians, Victorians and Australians together. Being such a patriotic person, I really hope this is a moment that will bring people together and lift the Australian spirit.

How will you celebrate?

While I can’t travel to Melbourne this year, like so many people I’ll be enjoying Cup Week from home and will be attending a luncheon in Sydney, which I’m so looking forward to. I’ll also be performing my single ‘Solid Gold’ on Network Ten during the coverage.

We looked back over some of your past Melbourne Cup Carnival looks; usually attendees have a questionable fascinator or one of those “what-was-she-thinking?!” dresses. But your looks stand the test of time.

Thank you for saying that. I appreciate it because I have a whole era that I look back on and think, “What was I wearing?!” I’m just lucky my Melbourne Cup looks escaped that era [laughs]. I do love a big hat, such as the white one I wore for my first year in 2007 when I sang the national anthem, and the gorgeous flower headpiece with the Dior outfit in 2012.

In August you shared a very personal story of a significant speech impairment you had to overcome, which was a complication resulting from a surgery in 2018. What was that moment like when you pressed “share” on your social media accounts and put that video out there?

I was pacing around the house, that’s for sure. But I’d spent a lot of time in my heart deciding to share this story and this message of hope, as I felt that so many others must have gone through private battles this year, on top of the global issues we’ve all faced. I wanted to remind people of how important it is to be kind to others, because you never know what someone is going through behind the scenes.

With The Voice moving from the Nine Network to the Seven Network next season, the coaching panel is yet to be confirmed. Will you be back in that red chair?

[Laughs] I love the show. It’s such a wonderful experience and is something I’ve been a part of since day one. I say after every season – because everybody asks every year – that, as an artist, I take in each moment and appreciate the year that’s been and all the different things I’ve been a part of; then looking ahead, I step into every role and every decision for my next chapter as an ever-evolving artist, and it’s always a step-by-step process of looking at my goals and planning the year ahead.

Looking ahead, the Christmas countdown is on. Will you be able to spend the holidays with family?

It’s hard because my family is all over Australia. We’re really hoping and praying that we can all be together, which is a sentiment shared by so many Australians, I know. Everyone needs something good to look forward to, when we can come together with our loved ones and enjoy that special time.

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Article originally appeared in Stellar Magazine.

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