What to Wear - Oaks Day

Ladies Day fashion.

The day after The Race That Stops A Nation is Oaks Day, aka ‘Ladies Day’.

Traditionally the fashion of this day is all about colour, especially pastels and florals.

“We really see people’s true sense of style. I think it’s all about the pretty vibes. It’s all about pastels and soft hues. People can experiment and have fun. Really have fun with your style,” says celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson.

A day to look beautiful and feminine, in your own unique style. Show your personality with your favourite colour and silhouette. Look at more delicate fabrics for the dress of your choice. When it comes to colours, pastels and muted hues are what to look for. With floral dresses, keep it modern.

For headwear opt for a floral headpiece, bejewelled headband or a bow. With your shoes and clutch, consider a neutral tone. Makeup should be simple and fresh.

When it comes to shoes across the whole carnival, the number one thing to remember is wear them in beforehand. They are long days with a lot of hours spent on your feet. You need to comfortable.

For the men, think about a grey suit and go for a softer tone for your shirt. Your tie can be your statement piece today.