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Sashimi Salmon, Cucumber and Radish Salad with Avocado Mousse

Serves 4
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  • For the Sashimi Salmon, remove skin from salmon and discard. Slice salmon very thinly, season with salt and set aside in fridge.
  • For the Cucumber and Radish Salad, combine sugar and 60ml white balsamic vinegar in a small bowl. Use a mandolin to slice radishes thinly. Place in pickling mix and set aside.
  • Slice cucumber length ways using a mandolin. Season with salt and set aside.
  • For the vinaigrette, combine olive oil, 2 teaspoons lemon juice and remaining 10ml white balsamic vinegar in a small bowl, mix well and season with salt and pepper.
  • For the Avocado Mousse, dice ¼ of the avocado, cover and refrigerate. Mash remainder of the avocado in a medium bowl. Add cream and whisk until light and smooth. Add remaining 1 teaspoon lemon juice and season to taste. Cover and set aside in fridge.
  • To serve, spread Avocado Mousse onto serving plates. Roll cucumber slices and place onto plates. Top with Sashimi Salmon, drained radishes, diced avocado, rocket and mint leaves. Dress with vinaigrette, salt and pepper.

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