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  • Preheat one oven to 50°C fan-forced and another to 170°C fan-forced. Place a flat oven tray in the 50°C oven.
  • Set the blast chiller to 0-2°C.
  • Preset chocolate tempering machine to 31°C.

White Chocolate Chantilly Cream

  • In a small saucepan, combine 150g cream, glucose and vanilla over high heat, bring to a simmer then remove from the heat.
  • Place chocolate in a small bowl, pour the hot cream mixture over and whisk until chocolate has melted. Add remaining 105g cream and whisk through.
  • Transfer mixture to a 23cm x 33cm, 1cm deep tray and spread across in an even layer. Cover the surface with go between and place in the blast chiller for 2 hours.

Watermelon, Lime, Mint and Vodka Jelly

  • Grease and line a 20cm square baking tray with go between.
  • Soak the gelatine in chilled water for 3 minutes to soften. Squeeze excess water from the gelatine. Discard the water.
  • Place the watermelon in a food processor and puree.
  • Combine 400g of watermelon puree, caster sugar and mint in a medium saucepan and stir. Place saucepan over high heat, bring to a simmer then remove from the heat.
  • Drop the temperature of mixture to under 80°C. Add gelatine and stir through.
  • Pass the mixture through a fine sieve into a medium bowl, pressing pulp and mint with a spatula to pass as much liquid through the sieve. Discard the pulp and mint.
  • Add vodka to the strained mixture and stir through.
  • Pour mixture into prepared tray and place in the blast chiller for 25 minutes or until set. Transfer to the fridge.

Marinated Watermelon Cubes

  • Cut the firmest part of the watermelon flesh into 1cm cubes and place into a medium bowl.
  • Add coconut water, lime juice, vodka and mint to the watermelon. Carefully stir, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge.

Tempered White Chocolate

  • Place half the W2 white chocolate and half the Velvet white chocolate in a large plastic bowl. Place remaining chocolate in another large plastic bowl.
  • In batches, partially melt chocolate in the microwave on high temperature in 30 second intervals, stirring between. Melt the chocolate until you have 50% solid chocolate and 50% liquid chocolate.
  • Remove bowl from the microwave and stir continuously without applying any additional heat until all chocolate has melted. If the chocolate does not melt completely, apply gentle heat with a heat gun. Transfer melted chocolate to the warm tempering machine.
  • Stir to combine both batches of chocolate and hold between 29-30°C. Every so often, check temperature of the chocolate. If needed, flash chocolate with a heat gun and stir to achieve a thick pouring consistency before using. Do not heat chocolate over 31°C.

Chocolate Watermelon Shell

  • Place a sheet of baking paper on the bench.
  • Use a ladle to fill 80mm half sphere moulds with tempered chocolate. Use a large pastry scraper to trim off any excess. Tap the mould on the bench to release air bubbles.
  • Turn the mould upside down over the tempering machine and tap the side with the handle of pastry scraper. While the mould is still upside down, scrape the surface of the mould.
  • Turn the mould right side up and place on the bench.
  • Working quickly, use a small fine sieve to finely grate freeze dried raspberries into the centre of the chocolate to coat the inside as well as possible, ensuring it doesn’t get on the edges.
  • Hold the mould upside down, place one short edge of the mould onto the baking paper and drop the other end with a firm tap to encourage a lip to form on the half-spheres. Leave upside down at room temperature for 10 minutes.

Lime and Mint Madeleine

  • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, combine the yolks, lime zest and 77g caster sugar on high speed and whip until pale and creamy.
  • Meanwhile, melt butter in a small saucepan then remove saucepan from the heat and set aside.
  • In another bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, combine egg whites and cream of tartar on low speed, gradually increasing to high speed to whip to a medium peak.
  • Whilst whipping, gradually add the 88g caster sugar and continue to whip until sugar dissolves and forms a glossy, stiff peak.
  • Fold half the egg yolk mixture into the meringue. Add remaining egg yolk mixture and fold through.
  • Sift the flour and baking powder through a fine sieve into a medium bowl. Add the mint to sifted ingredients.
  • Add dry ingredients to the egg mixture in thirds and fold through before adding more.
  • Add a small amount of the batter to the melted butter and whisk to combine. Add butter mixture to the remaining batter and gently fold through.
  • Place 32.5cm x 32.5cm, 1cm deep silicon square mould on a large flat oven tray. Transfer batter to the mould and use a large palette knife to spread across the tray until level with top edge of the mould. Bake in 170°C oven for 15 minutes or until lightly golden. Set aside to cool.

Chocolate Watermelon Shell (continued)

  • After 10 minutes, turn the mould so that it’s facing up. Scrape the surface to discard any remaining chocolate, ensuring no chocolate hangs over the edges. Place in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

Striped Chocolate Straws

  • Place a large marble slab at portrait orientation on the bench. Use the heat gun to briefly flash the surface of marble to take the chill out and bring to ambient temperature.Place 250g of tempered chocolate in small glass bowl.
  • Use a small fine sieve to sieve the yellow colour into chocolate and use a stick blender to emulsify, scraping the sides with a spatula as needed.
  • Place a large ladle of plain white chocolate onto a large marble slab and use a large palette knife to work down across the marble as wide as the palette knife. Continue working until the chocolate goes from shiny to matte and starts to thicken slightly.
  • Working quickly, firmly run the wide teeth side of the comb down the length of the chocolate to see the marble between white stripes. When chocolate sets on comb, discard.
  • Use a large pastry scraper to trim excess so that the chocolate is 10 strips or 15.5cm wide and 30-35cm long.
  • Pour half the yellow chocolate on the marble at one end of the white chocolate strips. Use a clean large palette knife to spread over the white stripes. Work the yellow chocolate with the palette knife, as before, until the chocolate goes from shiny to matte and thickens slightly. It is important to still see the white stripes underneath and to fill between these strips with the yellow chocolate.
  • Again, trim excess with the large pastry scraper so it’s 15.5cm wide and 30-35cm long. Use the scraper to shave the top of both chocolates to a flat, even 1mm thickness to reveal alternating coloured stripes.
  • When the chocolate is set but still malleable, hold the large pastry scraper in two hands as parallel to the marble as possible. Estimate roughly 3-4cm from the top end of the chocolate and with downwards pressure, firmly push the larger scraper away from yourself to curl the chocolate into thin straws.
  • Repeat to make multiple straws, wiping the blade clean with paper towel between each. If needed, use warm hands or briefly flash with the heat gun to soften the chocolate slightly before rolling. Place straws on a small tray and store in the fridge.

Chocolate Watermelon Shell (continued)

  • Lift the half spheres out from the mould.
  • Remove preheated tray from the oven and place on the bench. Two at a time, briefly press half spheres onto preheated tray to slightly melt the edges. Join these two halves together to form a sphere. Hold sphere for 20 seconds or until firmly set. Use a finger to smooth the seal.
  • Repeat with remaining half spheres.
  • Use a heat gun on low setting to warm a metal 1cm round piping nozzle and use it to make a 1cm hole in the top of each sphere. Wipe any excess melted chocolate from around the hole and discard the small cut out.
  • One at a time, hold a water balloon on the end of an air pump. Place the balloon inside the 1cm hole and carefully pump the balloon to inflate to just less than the size of the inside of the sphere. Carefully tie the end and place back into the mould, ensuring balloon will not sink inside. Place in the fridge for 5 minutes.
  • Grease and line an oven tray with baking paper.
  • Use a heat gun to carefully warm 2 large glass bowls to remove any chill from the bowls.
  • Combine 1kg of tempered chocolate, half the grapeseed oil, 1.5g of green powder, yellow powder and titanium dioxide powder in one bowl and use a stick blender to emulsify, scraping the sides with a spatula as needed. Make sure chocolate is between 29-30°C. Transfer into a squeeze bottle.
  • Combine the remaining 1.5kg of tempered chocolate, remaining grapeseed oil and remaining 11g green powder in other bowl and use a stick blender to emulsify, scraping the sides with a spatula as needed. Transfer into a small, tall gastronorm.
  • Use a lint free cloth to polish the join on each sphere so it is smooth.
  • Make sure each chocolate is between 29-30°C.
  • Holding the nozzle of the squeeze bottle on the surface of the dark green chocolate, pipe an asterisk pattern across the top.
  • One at a time and holding the balloon knot as close to the chocolate as possible, submerge chocolate shell into the centre of the asterisk to cover shell but making sure chocolate does not go inside the 1cm hole. Still holding the balloon knot, lift the shell straight up and out of the chocolate. Allow excess chocolate to drip back into the container then gently scrape the base on the side of the bowl to remove dripping chocolate.
  • Place shell upright onto greased and lined tray. Lift the sphere again and place onto another part of the baking paper to remove excess chocolate from the bottom.
  • Repeat with remaining shells, re-piping the asterisk pattern over the old pattern as needed. Place in the fridge to set.

Marinated Watermelon Cubes (continued)

  • Strain the watermelon through a fine sieve into a small bowl, discarding the liquid and the mint. Transfer to a small bowl and place in the fridge.

Watermelon, Lime, Mint and Vodka Jelly (continued)

  • Turn the Jelly out onto a chopping board and remove the go between.
  • Dice into 1cm pieces. Transfer Jelly to a small bowl and place in the fridge.

Lime and Mint Madeleine

  • Use a 5.5cm round cutter to cut disks of Madeleine. Place on a small tray, wrap with plastic wrap and set aside at room temperature.

White Chocolate Chantilly Cream (continued)

  • Transfer Chantilly Cream to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with whisk attachment. Briefly whip to soft peaks. Transfer Chantilly Cream to piping bag, fitted with 1cm round nozzle and place in the fridge.

Chocolate Watermelon Shell (continued)

  • Carefully pop the balloon and remove from inside each sphere with tweezers.
  • Use a 6.2cm round cutter to make a light mark around the 1cm hole. Warm a small knife with a heat gun and carefully cut along the line in increments, turning the sphere and wiping the blade clean as you go. Reheat the knife as needed in between each movement. Place the lid beside the shell.
  • Use the blade of the knife to scrape the cut surface so the white edge is visible.
  • Place shell and lid on a small tray in the fridge.

To Serve:

  • Glucose syrup, to secure
  • 1 Chocolate Watermelon Shell with lid
  • White Chocolate Chantilly Cream in piping bag, fitted with 1cm round nozzle
  • Watermelon, Lime, Mint and Vodka Jelly
  • 1 Lime and Mint Madeleine
  • Marinated Watermelon Cubes
  • 1 Striped Chocolate Straw

Method continued

  • Use a small amount of glucose to secure the base of Watermelon Shell to the serving plate.
  • Pipe Chantilly Cream into the Shell to quarter fill.
  • Top with a layer of Jelly, Madeleine then Watermelon Cubes.
  • Pipe another layer of Chantilly Cream over to fill Shell to the top.
  • Pile more Watermelon Cubes and Jelly on top.
  • Trim the ends of the Straw to tidy if needed.
  • Offset the lid on top of the Shell and place the Straw into the 1cm hole, pushing through the filling.

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